Doctors Look at the REAL Damage Done to the Crooks in Home Alone!

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Doctors Look at the REAL Damage Done to the Crooks in Home Alone! Listen to this article

Paint Can to the Face

This is just a fun one – Home Alone is set at Christmas, making it a classic for the season. As everyone knows Macaulay Culkin gets left behind as his extended family takes a big trip, and takes on home invaders Daniel Stern and Joe Pesci. What starts as a tale of a kid who is overlooked and is a bit of a screw-up who can’t seem to figure out a way to fit in ends up as a story about growth and self-discovery.

But as anyone who has seen it knows, Stern and Pesci take a load of abuse – red-hot doorknobs, torched heads, and on and on. An article at TheWeek has doctors taking on these incidents and assessing the likely hard caused.

The article walks through just about every famous setup in the movie and makes for a fun read (unless you visualize the actual outcomes, in which case it is just disturbing).

Check it out!

Source: TheWeek

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