GoG.com Adds 10 New Mac Games for January!


The answer to the question ‘where do I get Mac games’ has changed over time. A few years ago you would answer ‘I’m sorry dude, really sorry’. Then along came Steam, then the Mac App Store, and most recently GoG.com. Now you can proudly answer that there are great choices and prices at Steam, GoG.com and the Mac App Store.

And GoG.com is advancing at an amazing pace, today announcing the addition of 10 Mac games to their roster. And like every other game, you now get the Mac and PC version of the game as well as all the other goodies, all for a great price.

Here are the additions:

  • Legend of Grimrock – $14.99.
  • Blackwell Bundle – $14.99.
  • Alpha Centauri – $5.99.
  • Fallout 2 – $9.99.
  • Sid Meier’s Colonization – $5.99
  • Postal 2 Complete – $9.99.
  • Ultima 7: The Complete Edition – $5.99.
  • Freespace (+Expansion) – $5.99.
  • Terminal Velocity – $5.99.
  • Conquest of the New World – $5.99.

There are loads of great games on the list, but I want to highlight Legend of Grimrock. I gushed about it in my review, and started replaying it again this past weekend and still absolutely love the game – and simply cannot wait to play it on the Mac! Here is what I said:

Legend of Grimrock is an extremely well designed game, with excellent class and combat balance, great puzzles, and just loads of stuff to explore. Also, at ~15 or so hours long, it feels like just the right length. If you want more, just start with a new group – or wait for the upcoming level editor to add your own dungeons to the mix. This is definitely one of the best games I have played all year, and at times it is hard for me to remember that it only costs $15. My suggestion is to grab the DRM-free version from GoG.com, but either way you cannot go wrong!

They also hinted at a coming attraction, saying “the Mac version of Geneforge 1-5, an RPG series for die-hard fans of the genre: hundreds of hours of gameplay, and unique setting, is coming out next Tuesday”. Yet another classic series to get excited about!

Head to GoG.com for more details – and happy Mac gaming!

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