Fretlights Offers World’s Easiest Guitar to Play


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Fretlights Offers World's Easiest Guitar to Play

Fretlights Offers World’s Easiest Guitar to Play

For many people, playing a musical instrument is an unrealized wish. They wished they had taken something up in their youth, but fear it is now too late. But that is just not true – not only can you still pursue traditional lessons as an adult, there are specific methods for learning methods that maximize enjoyment with minimum time investment. And then there is the Fretlights system from Optek Music Systems, and what they are calling the ‘World’s Easiest Guitar to Play’.

The system is simple – lights under the fretboard guide you to play the correct notes, helping you learn chords, phrases and entire songs. The Fretlights system comes with more than 130 lessons, 140 backing tracks and an extensive library of chord inversions to help you build up solid knowledge.

And these are REAL instruments, not gimmicky plastic things no one would ever want to play. Check out the neck design:

Fretlights Neck Design

And this is what I love about Fretlights: it is a real instrument that happens to have an integrated system to help you learn to actually play the guitar beyond just a few popular songs. But if what you really want to do is play along with popular guitar songs, that is an option as well.

Fretlights is targeted at for adults learning guitar for the first time – and in particular they highlight how great it is as a potential Father’s Day gift. And even though I already play guitar I see value for those looking to take on the instrument.

Both of my kids are very musical – older son sings and plays tuba, younger son plays piano and violin. We have a couple of learner guitars in the basement that they never quite learned. As noted by founder and inventor Rusty Shaffer, “the traditional method of learning the guitar hasn’t changed since the 1950s” … and that is the system I know and was using to teach my kids. I would bet that they could quickly and easily learn the mechanics with the Fretlight system.

Here is a great introductory video showing an overview of the Fretlights system:

The Fretlight system starts out at $299 including the guitar, two-volume beginner lesson and Lennon & McCartney lessons, as well as the computer software, cable, picks and tools.. What do you think? Would the Fretlight system help you learn to play guitar?

Head to the official Fretlight site for all the details! Also check them out on Facebook!

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