Tetris Blitz for iPhone Review

Tetris Blitz for iPhone

The other day, my students and I were discussing how far computers have come, especially with gaming. I was telling them how my friends and I always played Tetris back in the 90’s when there was finally color and good audio on our school computers. We would play the game for hours, often surviving until the levels moved so fast we could barely see the shapes. The Russian themed backgrounds and music were so epic coming from the Apple IIe days. The kids were amused, not by the change in technology, but in the simplicity of the game. One told me that there was nothing blowing up or cool graphics so it was boring. It just happens that I found a version that might bring our generations together. Tetris Blitz is a quick version of the old game complete with power-ups and special game play.

Let’s take a quick look.

Tetris Blitz for iPhone

Tetris Blitz is a perfect twist on the original game for today’s kids and people on the go. It is a two-minute sprint to clear lines and score as many points as possible. The old version we played was about advancing to newer, faster levels and keeping the game going as long as possible. This new version is geared towards the faster moving, mobile lifestyles we all live today. Furious game play for two-minute spurts is perfect for a quick break or a wait in line.

Tetris Blitz for iPhone

Not only is the game quick, but it is full of power-ups and score boosters. The goal of the game is to get the highest score possible. Combinations, and perfect use of power-ups are essential to beat your friends’ scores. It is important to make the most of the two minutes allowed for each game. The key is to get into “Frenzy Mode” and bring huge combo scores. There are tools to speed up these goals with explosive effects and huge point opportunities.

Controlling the tiles is quite easy and fast. Each shape will show a selection of options on the puzzle stack. To place it, simply tap the outline and it fits itself in there. No moving or flipping pieces as they fall. To cycle through the options, tap the arrow button or just tap anywhere off of the screen. While the tiles are not falling threatening the end of the game, time is of the essence so move quickly.

Tetris Blitz for iPhone

Tetris Blitz is a perfect combination of an old favorite with a modern twist. As a big fan of power-ups in games, I do enjoy this game. It is important to concentrate on huge combos and points rather than continued survival. The game is great for iPhone users, since it is no longer than two minutes. Most of my iPhone gaming occurs during a break or a short wait. If you like Tetris, you will enjoy Blitz. If Tetris is too boring, then this modernized version might be what brings you into the Tetris world. Go check it out for free here in the app store.

Tetris Blitz iOS Universal

MSRP: Free

What I Like: Quick moving version of Tetris with plenty of power-ups

What Needs Improvement: I would like to see a survival mode to play as long as possible like the old days

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