Jason Michael Paul Discusses Upcoming rePLAY Video Game Musical Tour

Jason Michael Paul Discusses Upcoming rePLAY Video Game Musical Tour

Get ready for a musical tour like no other as powerful video game musical scores combine with professional theatrics, visuals and orchestral arrangements in the upcoming “rePLAY” tour.

The “rePLAY” tour will visit select cities in the United States and dates for this highly anticipated tour will be announced this fall. Visit www.replay-symphony.com for tour dates, updates, breaking news, and more. “rePLAY” will be the spiritual successor to “PLAY! A Video Game Symphony.”

In 2006, executive producer Jason Michael Paul created “PLAY! A Video Game Symphony”, based on his previous “Dear Friends” tour, which both featured live orchestra performances with music and video from various video games. Paul’s “The Legend of Zelda: Symphony of the Goddesses” tour is currently playing in the United States. I recently discussed Paul’s upcoming “rePLAY” tour with him by phone.

Gear Diary: What is the vision for the “rePLAY” tour?

Paul: “replay” will feature story driven performances not a greatest hits-type format. It will be interesting to see how different artistic aspects blend with different brands. This tour will have a full orchestra creating music about the personal journey of a hero. A narrator will support this story driven focus, which I liken to Joseph Campbell’s ‘Hero’s Journey’ Monomyth.

Gear Diary: Which video game musical scores will be featured?

Paul: The game series music will include Zelda, Fable, Bioshock, Elder Scrolls and World of Warcraft to name a few.

Gear Diary: What was your approach to the visuals?

Paul:  We will have an 18 by 30 foot screen for the visuals plus various effects and picture-in-picture visuals. When we work with companies, the visuals eventually depend on what vision they want. We edit, create arrangements, and submit approval. The composers also help and edit. Much of the visuals depends on the company’s workload and their desire to help.

Gear Diary: Do you have a specific example?

Paul:  Nintendo has really got behind the process and looks for ways to create product from these performances. At any given time, Nintendo has various composers work on different titles with the exception of Koji Konjo (employed by Nintendo since 1984) who typically creates music for the Mario and Zelda game series.

Gear Diary: How do you coordinate with special guests in each area you will tour in?

Paul: We have several great relationships with various artists and musicians. Tour collaborations and special guest performances are basically relative to where they are located.

Gear Diary: What feedback do you get from these artists and musicians when they see your tours?

Paul:  It’s amazing. They love hearing their music live. They often describe it as a dream come alive.

Gear Diary: What do you see in the future of musical composition and artistic impact in video games?

Paul: It’s great to see new games or franchises evolve. I’m happy the music can become an important part, especially as graphics enhance. I see a more emotional experience. We can connect much more with audiences.

Gear Diary: Will there be an upcoming album and/or home video release of this tour?

Paul:  I would love to. We have to see. There are so many possibilities.

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