An Interview with Asher Dowson, House of Worship Segment Manager at D&B Audiotechnik

D&b is known throughout the professional audio community for its groundbreaking Soundscape technology; at NAMM, we had a chance to visit with Asher Dowson, the House of Worship segment manager at d&b audiotechnik. He was the one to fill us in on the concept of d&b’s belief that “everyone should experience the same impeccable quality of sound, regardless of their position in the audience.”

An Interview with Marlies Gebetsberger, Personal Health Leader at Philips

Within each company that produces health apps or products, there are many individuals who are passionate about the products produced and how those products will improve their users quality of life. During the IFA Global Press Conference, I sat down with Marlies Gebetsberger, Personal Health Leader Philips Market DACH, to chat about her role at Philips and personal health accountability.

Could Brainscape Be the Future of Learning?

The future of e-learning is being shaped as we speak in New York City, where Andrew Cohen, Founder and CEO of Brainscape, is at the helm of this forward-thinking study platform.  Brainscape’s electronic flash card system is centered upon confidence-based repetition of cards; after you view the answer you have the opportunity to rate how well you understood it.

Mario Esposito Discusses Sensoria Fitness Game Development Projects

We recently talked with Heapsylon’s CTO Mario Esposito about impressive gear that can interface among the physical world and video. Esposito  also co-founded Heapsylon in 2009, which concentrates on wearable body sensing technology. Heapsylon, a Washington-based start-up, has launched Sensoria Fitness, which consists of mobile applications, the first e-textile pressure sensing smart sock, and Bluetooth anklet. The mobile application monitor and guide you through real-time audio cues. The smart sock, completely made of fabric, can be washed or dried like a regular sock….

Jason Michael Paul Discusses Upcoming rePLAY Video Game Musical Tour

Get ready for a musical tour like no other as powerful video game musical scores combine with professional theatrics, visuals and orchestral arrangements in the upcoming “rePLAY” tour. The “rePLAY” tour will visit select cities in the United States and dates for this highly anticipated tour will be announced this fall. Visit for tour dates, updates, breaking news, and more. “rePLAY” will be the spiritual successor to “PLAY! A Video Game Symphony.” In 2006, executive producer Jason Michael Paul created “PLAY! A Video…

Detail Bags Creates Custom Solutions for Company Bag Branding

I don’t know how many times I have wished that I could create a laptop bag from my own specifications — one that would have the layout and organizational panels I needed (or wanted), and that would be made from the materials of my choosing; having a discreet Gear Diary logo on there somewhere would be a bonus. But I’m just one person, and the cost for me having something like that custom-made would be exorbitant … never mind the fact…

Popcornflix Partnership Enhances Digital Movie Xbox 360 Application

The popcorn keeps expanding at the Popcornflix movie streaming service, as Unicorn Media, a leading Internet video solutions provider, announced partnerships with Cypress and Screen Media Ventures, LLC for expanding the free Popcornflix app on Xbox LIVE (gold subscribers).  Popcornflix also owns and distributes its own content via iOS and Android apps, Roku, connected TVs and online for free. Screen Media Ventures, LLC developed and owns Popcornflix. Cypress, in conjunction with Screen Media Ventures, developed the Popcornflix Xbox LIVE app…

Artec3D Technology in Bioshock Infinite Commercial

Artec Inc. develops and sells 3D scanners (a.k.a. 3D cameras) that function in real-time. Their uniquely versatile equipment is used in fields such as reverse engineering, medical imaging, archeology, art digitization, computer animation, prototyping, and anthropology. Artec Inc. also develops and produces biometric security, 3D face recognition technology, and advanced 3D imaging and processing technologies. The company has offices in Palo Alto, California, U.S.A.; Moscow, Russia and Luxembourg. The Artec Eva 3D scanner was used to create the official commercial…

Tommy Santora Interview on Mi (Mobile Intelligence) Alert Systems

Tom Santora, the creator of Mi (Mobile Intelligence) Alerts, recently explained these new, multipurpose systems to me that all stem from one central communication hub – your mobile phone. “Our mobile intelligence technology called MiAlert involves several functions where people get important information via their mobile phone/device,” says Santora. “Our multi-phased plan will make this technology available for several practical uses including video footage immediately after incidents. The Mi (Mobile Intelligence) Alerts represents intelligent mobile alert technology with initial uses…

Tomb Raider Interview with Darrell Gallagher and Noah Hughes

I recently discussed the new Tomb Raider video game (releasing today, March 5) with Darrell Gallagher (Crystal Dynamics Studio Head) and Noah Hughes (Crystal Dynamics Creative Director). Crystal Dynamics developed this recently released reboot featuring the female adventurer hero Lara Croft, as well as the previous four Tomb Raider games. Publisher Square Enix purchased Eidos and took over this popular 16-year-old game franchise recognized as the “Most Successful Human Virtual Game Heroine” by the Guinness Book of World Records. The…

5 Questions with Michael Hess of Skooba Design

Skooba Design was Gear Diary’s first advertiser back when Judie first launched the site. They were also the first company to become a Newsletter Underwriter. We tell you that in the interest of full disclosure, but what’s more important is that we really love AND use their stuff. Most recently, we were both taken by the new Skooba Design Laptop Weekender V.3, and are already getting a lot of use out of them. (Read the review here.) Skooba makes great…

Zinio Interviews Judie! (And Dan!)

Zinio recently introduced their Zinio Magazine Minute. In it “Notable figures in magazine publishing and technology share their thoughts exclusively with Zinio. Explore their favorite articles, magazines, and find out what inspires them.” They reached out to Judie and me and interviewed us both. Judie’s interview is already live and I thought I would share it with you. (If you want to see it on the Zinio page click here.) Question: What recent article(s) on Zinio had the most impact…

GAIN Fitness for iOS Is Pocket-Sized Personal Training

Exercise. It’s something we all need to do, with the exception of those among us who are genetically gifted. But it is too easy to get caught in a rut, slogging through the same workouts each day. Or to avoid working out entirely because a meeting ran late, the car is in the shop, dinner needs to get made, or the moon isn’t full. There are a million ways to track the workout you didn’t do, but what about learning…

Vinyl in a World of Digital Music An Interview with Tom Tom Mag’s Mindy Abovitz

While Judie and I were attending the Create.Work.Inspire event sponsored by Dell and Intel last week we had the chance to sit down with Mindy Abovitz, the founder and editor in chief of Tom Tom magazine. (As an aside, we both really love the magazine and highly recommend you check it out.) While the conversation was ostensibly about the Create.Work.Inspire project, Mindy was the driving force behind it, we couldn’t resist using the time with her to ask a few other questions….

Sunday (Actually Every Day), the Rabbi Used an iPad

(Dan in action at my wedding with his handy iPad) A few days before my wedding I received an instant message from Dan (who was our officiant). It’s never good when your rabbi tells you he has a “dilemma” regarding your ceremony…but I had to laugh when his central issue was whether to use an iPad or a Kindle for the service! Never one to choose, Dan had us reading off the iPad for part of it, though he did use the Kindle for the outdoor…

Making Of Google Nexus One Video Series

The Google Nexus One is arguably one of the most successful Android devices to-date. Google was said to have worked closely with HTC in order to produce a device to really showcase what they thought should be a premier Android handset. I was always curious about the design and collaboration that went into creating this device. Turns out a series of videos will explain just that!

The Brave New Digital World: An Interview with K.C. Blake

Welcome to another State of the eBook! This week we’re bringing in an expert to share some thoughts on eBooks, music, and movies, and where the future is taking digital media. Read on for Gear Diary’s interview with K.C. Blake of the Entertainment Technology Center at the University of Southern California.