Where Angels Cry for Kindle Fire Review

Where Angels Cry for Kindle Fire

Where Angels Cry for Kindle Fire

In the world of hidden object games, developers can craft purely hidden object screen game types as well as more adventure-oriented games. Where Angels Cry is on the adventure side of the genre, which forces more plot and character development. I said in the iPad version review the game handles these well, and the Kindle Fire version is also great.

Type of app: Hidden Object Puzzle Adventure (HOPA)

Platform/where to buy: Kindle Fire; available in the Amazon App Store

Developer: Cateia Games / G5 Entertainment

Here are some of the features:

? 18 amazing mini-games and puzzles to solve
? Seven mysterious locations to explore
? Three modes: casual, adventure and challenge
? Collect 21 angels to unlock additional achievements
? HD graphics and a riveting storyline


Major features:

You have to love it when a game starts with an intriguing mystery and keeps it going! Where Angels Cry starts out having you embarking to solve a mystery of the disappearance of Brother John in a remote monastery in medieval times … and the sudden weeping of blood from an angel statue that some are calling a miraculous sign.

Where Angels Cry follows tradition by having you tap to move from area to area and then to locate specific items within each area. These items are sometimes combined, other times collected up, but always make sense in context. For example, in one area you need to help a Brother collect up tools that drunken Templars have scattered before he can provide you some assistance. In another area you need to patch a hole in a boat and the items you need to find make sense to do the patching. Even taking car of a horse requires hay, brush, and re-shoeing!


When I was playing the iPad version of the game I ran into an issue with a task for re-shoeing the horse, and fortunately that wasn’t a problem on the Kindle Fire version.

My favorite thing about Where Angels Cry is that the mystery continues throughout the game, and remains interesting. You are learning more about characters and situations, and eventually find yourself in dangerous situations where you need to apply skills to get out. It makes for an intriguing experience.


Ease of use/Overall performance: The precision of tapping, ease of combining and using items, and pretty much every technical item about this game is very well done. I never had a crash or glitch throughout my time, so as I mentioned only that one hint issue kept the experience from being perfect.

Would use again/recommend?: Definitely! I love story driven games, definitely appreciate a great adventure mystery, and like hidden object games. Where Angels Cry does a great job of integrating all of these into an enjoyable experience.


Suggested changes/wish list for updates: Nothing

Price: Free download with in-app purchase of full version for $4.99

Here is the trailer:

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