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November 29, 2013 • Gear Bits

Steam Launches Huge Autumn Sale for Thanksgiving Weekend

Steam Autumn Sale

Every year Steam offers up huge savings on PC download games, and this year is no exception. They have games on sale all weekend, 24-hour sales, and quick ‘flash’ sales. All of the deals are good, and it is definitely worth checking the deals out every day! Right now they have System Shock 2 for 75% off!

The first batch of Daily Deals include:

– Skyrim 75% off
– Antichamber 75% off
– Left 4 Dead 2 75% off
– Outlast 66% off
– Prison Architect 50% off
– Rogue Legacy 66% off
– Sleeping Dogs 80% off
– Terraria 75% off
– The Walking Dead 75% off

And the first round of 8-hour Flash Sales include:

– Castle Story 33% off
– Space Hulk 66% off
– Crysis 2 Maximum Edition 75% off
– Hammerwatch 66% off

By the time you read this new batches of games will be on sale, so be sure to head to Steam to check it out!

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