Want Better Comfort and Fit With Your Apple Earpods? Try Acoustibuds

Acoustibuds Model EPB BLACK Flexible Tips for Earpods

The thing that has made products like Yurbuds successful is the way they rethink the design of in-ear monitors so they feel more secure, offer more comfortable and stay put. The flanges on the tips make all the difference. Acoustibuds take the same approach but do so with a BYOEB (Bring Your Own Earbud) model and cost under $15.

The first version of the product was designed to work with Apple earbuds and headsets and Bluetooth handsfree units with a similar size and shape. This version of the Acoustibud is designed to work with the Apple EarPods. That’s a good thing since the improved sound, fit and comfort Apple celebrated when they announced the product are more part of the Apple Reality Distortion Field than anything else. These tips soften the hard plastic of the EarPods and help them seal better.

The Acoustibuds Feature:

  • Silicone tips fit Apple Earpods and select Bluetooth
  • Flexible Fins keep Earpods and Bluetooth from falling out during workouts
  • Personalized fit improves acoustics, noise isolation and bass delivery
  • Soft, hypoallergenic silicone for durability and comfort
  • Low profile, Sport design fits under helmets and hats


Acoustibuds Video Look

So the big question is… why would you want to try these EarPods accessories? The company offers three distinct but

Tips Help Earphones Stay in Better: Acoustibuds help EarPods stay securely in your ear during workouts. Soft fins adjust to the contours of your ear, resisting sweat and tugs on the speaker wire.

Tips Make Earphones Sound Better: The shape of your ear is unique, and Acoustibuds Tips customize the fit between the earpiece and your ear. Unlike other in-ear headphones, these Tips are flexible silicone throughout. They bend and follow the curves of your ear, creating a gentle seal for better sound isolation and bass fidelity. Inside Acoustibuds Tips, sound travels through a trumpet-shaped audio channel into the ear canal. By gently guiding sound waves to their destination and reducing sound lost to the environment, these Tips deliver richer audio and bigger bass.

Tips Make Earpods Feel Better: Acoustibuds are made of soft, tear-resistant silicone for durability and comfort. The trim, Sport design fits under helmets and hats. Package contains two sizes to fit a variety of ears. Choose a larger size with a snug fit to the ear to achieve more sound isolation.

I use far better and more expensive headsets than the Apple EarPods so my need for them is rather limited. That noted, if you do use the earbuds included with your iPhone, iPod touch or iPod nano and are less than thrilled with them the Acoustibuds may be a terrific way to quickly, and inexpensively, improve your EarPods experience.

MSRP: $14.99 (on sale for $9.99)

What I Like: Package includes two sets; Easy to instal; Soften the hard feel of the Apple EarPods; May help the EarPods stay in pace and improve their sound

What Needs Improvement: Elana didn’t find them comfortable; Only good for people using the earbuds Apple currently ships or something of similar size

Source: Manufacturer supplied review sample of the Acoustibuds

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