I Use JLab’s DJ Headphones in the Gym, and They Sound Awesome

Do you frequently work out but find yourself wanted a pair of over-the-ear headphones that won’t cost you a fortune but look and sound like they were expensive? Are you tired of wearing in-ear headphones that will dangle on your shirt and annoy you as you lift?

Or do you simply just want a great sounding pair of headphones that you can wear on a plane, train or out in public? You need to check out the JLab Audio FLEX Studio DJ Style Headphones.


At $69.99, the JLab Audio Flex Studio headphones are to be completely honest.. the price the Beats By Dre would be if the Compton rapper’s name weren’t attached to them, let’s just get that out of the way now. Sure, they might not be for everyone, but they not only look great, they sound pretty good. But they are NOT, I repeat ARE NOT work the price tag. This is where the JLab Flex come into play. I received a pair to check out, and here is exactly why you need these in your life.


So many time I’ve gone into the gym and seen more than five people wearing the multicolored Beats on their headphones, not because they are functional, not because they are comfortable, but simply because it’s socially acceptable and “cool” to work out in them. If you’re not into that and just want some damn good audio with a battery life that could pretty much beat a lot of those $150 –plus brands, check out the JLab Flex. Looking at the box, the company simply gets the user as they come PRE-CHARGED. These are the little things that make a huge difference, especially for someone who might have to run to the store in route to the gym, after realizing they forgot their headphones and need something to listen to while on the treadmill. Why don’t most brands just charge their headphones up completely? Is it just the norm to charge it up 30% and tell the consumer to charge them up on their own? Either way, JLab was proactive and did it for you, so kudos to them for that.


The JLab Flex are also one of the more comfortable headphones that you will put over your head. They come folded (and they completely fold) in the box, which also houses an awesome looking and feeling carrying case to throw into your gym bag, a cable to charge the headphones themselves, and if you’re into wires.. there’s a cable for you to use as well. Just be warned that the cable doesn’t come with fancy controls, but the magic here is the headphones, not the accessories.


The ear cups are made up of a patent-pending “Form-Fir Ear cups” which are ergonomically shaped to fit your ears. While most headphones in the audio space are oval-shaped or circular, the human ear isn’t built this way, and JLab tries it’s best to capture this even in the box itself. While wearing you can tell the difference because I’ve worked out for two hours at a time, and not only did sweat NOT get into the ear cups while listening, but I didn’t find myself maneuvering the headphones if they slide down my ear (cheers to you, Beats).

As far as audio quality, well, you have to consider the fact 1.) these are $70.00 and while you won’t get fancy features such as DAC, or in line amps, you do get active noise-cancelling and if you do like your music with bass, you will get that too. Sure, you might have to turn the volume up a little bit in order to get it, but the sound itself isn’t muffled, and my personal favorite treadmill (and now #MannequinChallenge anthem “Black Beatles” By Rae Sremmurd sound awesome while trying to get those last 40 calories burnt off on the incline.

Overall, I would ditch the cable, since you honestly won’t ever need it since you’re going to get roughly 60 hours of battery life (that’s right, sixty) on a single charge and go wireless. While this is certainly a DJ headphone, apparently so are the Chronic – smoking Apple employee and most people wear them to the gym. If you want to hit the turntables, you can easily get through a night of mixing at the DJ booth with these wirelessly, but if you’re just your average joe like myself who want an awesome pair of headphones that look great, sound great, and won’t put a dent in your wallet. JLab is the way to go.

For more information on the JLab Flex Headphones heave over to JLab’s site today.

Source: Manufacturer supplied review unit

What I like: A lot of bass, Super comfortable and battery life is unmatched.

What Needs Improvement: The in-line cable isn’t worth even packing

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