Homestar Runner Updated for the First Time in Four Years

Homestar RunnerHomestar Runner was one of my favorite websites in college.  The mix of crazy characters, funny voices, strange situations, and quotable lines was a hit with my friends and me.  However, over the years, the creators, The Brothers Chaps, slowly stopped updating the site.  But after four years, it was finally updated yesterday. Go check it out!

Although I enjoyed the new toon, and it was nice to see the old gang again, it didn’t resonate with me like the older, classic cartoons did.  I’ll never forget religiously checking Strong Bad’s email segment to see if a new, hilarious email response was posted.

trogdor-3630A couple of my favorites were where Trogdor the Burninator come to life, or listening to Coach Z try to pronounce the word “job.”  Maybe for me it’s all nostalgia, and it won’t be entertaining to anyone else … or maybe you’ve got to catch it at a certain age for the love of the silly Homestar Runner cartoons to stick.

I was glad to see a new cartoon. I hope this update means that an entirely new generation will have the chance to enjoy the cartoon. They here hugely entertaining for me and In know they will be for others. If you have a minute today jump over and give it a chance. You just may find yourself as hooked as I was. Click here to jump over and start enjoying the site. When you have come back and tell us what you liked about Homestar Runner!

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