Kwikset Makes Kevo Remote Lock Even Better with Latest Update

Free, unlimited guest ekeys and more access control are two of the big changes that came to the Kwikset Kevo remote door lock. I’m working on a review of the system,  and the timing of this could not be any better for me. It takes an impressive aftermarket smart home device and makes it even better.As the Press Release states,

Home access management becomes even more convenient for current and future owners. From giving guests 24-hour access to the home, to setting day and time constraints, Kevo offers the perfect eKey for every situation.


Guest electronic keys (eKeys) are a great way to keep ones home secure while also giving guests, be they visiting family members or service people coming to fix the boiler, access for a set period of time. Similarly, a Scheduled eKey, for example, allows you to set day and time constraints for regular house guests like babysitters, dog-walkers and contractors.


As Keith Brandon, director, residential access solutions notes

We’re always looking for ways to improve the Kevo experience, and we hope this upgrade shows our customers that we’re listening. Since it has been on the market, our customers have asked for free eKeys that let them give access anytime to friends or neighbors without paying for a new key. Now our unlimited Guest eKeys let them do that. We’re also introducing Scheduled eKeys to give homeowners the convenience of setting date and time constraints.


If you have a system already,  then you can enable these new types of eKeys by updating your Kevo mobile app and lock firmware.

In addition to the eKey update,  the new version of the Kevo app features:
  • History log that monitors lock activity and tracks eKey users
  • Optional push notifications when an eKey locks or unlocks the door
  • Ability to share eKeys in just a few clicks
  • Ability to temporarily disable or completely delete unwanted users
  • Touch-to-open convenience with authorized Kevo deadbolts
  • A web portal that offers the same management features via a web browser

The Bluetooth enabled smart lock was first introduced in October 2013. A Bluetooth-enabled deadbolt offers “the only touch-to-open technology that lets users unlock the door with a simple touch while their authorized smartphone remains in their purse or pocket.” Keep an eye out for our full review! Learn more here.

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