Blue Mo-Fi Headphones Are High-End and High-Fidelity Headphones

For the past few months, Blue (as in, Blue Microphones) has been hinting at their entrance into the headphone market. Well, the Blue Mo-Fi are here, and I can’t wait to experience these $349.99 headphones. With a built-in audiophile amplifier that offers six times more power than typical mobile devices, these headphones will reportedly take your music to new heights.As the company explains, “Mo-Fi introduces a reimagined headphone design and the industry’s first built-in audiophile amplifier, delivering high-fidelity performance no matter the source.”

Blue Mo-Fi

The Blue Mo-Fi combine a built-in audiophile amplifier with ultra-premium 50mm drivers, The result is better bigger and higher-fidelity music on every device. And when Blue says “every device” they mean the headphones will enhance music from home A/V receivers to laptops, tablets, and phones. The headphones also have a unique look, feel, and fit. As Blue puts it, “Mo-Fi establishes the entirely new category of powered headphones, and completely redefines how listeners experience their music.”

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In order to let you enjoy the music in the way you want to enjoy your music the amplifier on the headphones offers three different settings—On, On+, and Off.

“On” activates the amp
“On+” engages the amp’s analog low-frequency enhancement circuit
“Off” puts Mo-Fi in passive mode

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In addition, instead of using a fixed “spring loaded” headband, the Blue Mo-Fi have a multi-jointed headband. Both the headband and the earcups, which are shaped like ears, were designed from the ground up.

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As Mitch Witten, VP of Product at Blue Microphones explains,

For Mo-Fi, we began by thinking about how and where people listen to music. We set out to completely reimagine the construction, comfort, and fit, without any preconceived notions about what headphones are ‘supposed’ to look like. The result feels less like a headphone, and more like a high-quality instrument you can wear. Some might call it radical—we just call it Mo-Fi.

The headphones get 12-14 hours of play time, and they work even if the battery is completely drained.

The Blue Mo-Fi have an MSRP $349.99 and are available now. Learn more here.

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