Minutes Review on PlayStation Vita/PS4 (Crossbuy)

The PlayStation Vita game, Minutes, gradually reveals more as players complete all 60 levels within the time limits. This action puzzler/shooter has a simple set-up, but is challenging to master.

Developed and published by Red Phantom Games, Minutes challenges users to get all the non-black lines, circles and objects. That’s it. Simple eh?

MinutesThe Hype

A unique slice of abstract action and gameplay purity. Collect, dodge, expand and squeeze your way across 60 intense levels. Can you achieve the tricky “Perfect” on them all? Test your skills with a new random challenge level every day.

Red Phantom Games, the one-man independent development dynamo (Richard Ogden), is excited to announce that their critically acclaimed debut game Minutes, is out now on PlayStation 4 and PlayStation Vita via PlayStation Store, and is cross buy across both formats.

Minutes is a unique slice of abstract action and gameplay purity where you journey through a twisted form of bullet hell! Collect, dodge, expand and squeeze your way across 60 intense levels in a quest to hit that all elusive “Perfect” on every single one.

The Reality

The player piece involves a circle with an indicator in the middle controlled by the left analog stick. This indicator flashes when players hit too many black lines and objects. The main circle player piece can also change shape as players weave, bob, and avoid obstacles through the levels. These size changes yield helpful score multipliers that creates a nice “risk vs. reward” element, which creates some exciting gameplay.

The smooth analog stick controls are a welcome alternative to stressful button mashing. This simple control scheme is smooth and very appealing.

Players must reach a certain point level to progress through the game and the piece explodes when players fail…an inevitable state in this game though the “perfect” bonus and maximum score goals keep players striving for zero errors.

Players earn new powers as the main circle player piece changes while the levels do not. These new powers include special protection (shield), time slowing (quell), healing (fortify) and exploded the enemy black objects at once (blast). Players can also gain improved versions of these powers throughout the gameplay

The Cross-Save sync feature between the PS4 and PS Vita is considerate and economical since players only have to purchase the game one time. Daily Challenges adds some replay value and varied with randomly generated level including unlimited practice runs. Obviously the large screen using the PS4 helps players achieve those harder levels while the PS Vita gives a nice mobile option for gamers on the go.

The clean visuals enhance this retro-style gameplay and fun at 60 frames per second on the PS4 and PS Vita.

The challenges progress well beginning with only horizontal moving lines then adds vertical lines, etc. Scoreboards and trophies add to the satisfying feeling of achievement as players need online connectivity to compare their scores with others’ worldwide.

Minutes features original music from Black Bag Music and has language options in English, French, Latin American Spanish and Brazilian Portuguese, and it retails for $7.99.

What I Like:  music, challenge level, daily challenges, clean visual design, overall uniqueness, dynamic powers, affordable price, smooth controls

What Needs Improvement:  replay value (once all 60 levels complete)

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