The New Swann ADS-466 All-Weather Wi-Fi Camera is Out Today

Swann has proven again that they’re one of the best names in simple home security by announcing their new ADS-466 Wi-Fi All-Weather Camera. This camera can be mounted any which way indoor or outdoors and delivers 720p quality video,  as well as audio through your home’s Wi-Fi network. The ADS-466 is available today at 2pm EST for $179.99.

The New Swann ADS-466 All-Weather Wi-Fi Camera is Out Today

At less than $180, the ADS-466 Wi-Fi All-Weather Camera, although a mouthful, is fairly easy on the wallet if you’re looking for good home security. Nothing deters a thief more than knowing that they’re being watched and recorded. This camera shoots the 720p video to your smartphone or tablet and you can be notified when there is activity detected. And you can choose whether you receive still pictures or video clips. You can use the SwannEye app on Mac or PC computers, tablets, and smartphones, either Android or iOS.

The New Swann ADS-466 All-Weather Wi-Fi Camera is Out Today

The camera itself is IP66 rated, which means that it’s completely protected against dust as well as powerful jets of water. An IP66 rating means that you can feel confident installing this camera at your front door without it being damaged by the elements. You won’t want to submerge your camera in water, but it’ll survive heavy rainfall, no sweat. You’ll also be able to see in the dark with it’s 12 built-in infrared LEDs.

For a quick rundown of the features, see the list below:

  • Shoots real time 720p video or still images to your smartphone or tablet
  • Waterproof with an IP66 Rating
  • SwannEye app for viewing on PC, Mac, tablets & Smartphones including iPhone, iPad & Android devices
  • Perfect for low light scenarios, thanks to 12 infrared LEDs
  • Built-in microphone captures audio
  • Easy 3 step set-up using a QR code & your Smartphone or tablet with no manual networking configuration required
  • Mount the camera on any flat surface, upside down, on the ceiling, or on a wall
The Swann ADS-466 Wi-Fi All-Weather Camera is available starting today at Fry’s Electronics as well as online at And stay tuned to Gear Diary as we’ll have a review unit on-hand shortly so that we can bring you our complete and honest review!

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