Witti’s Notti, Dotti Are Good for Your Home If You Need Constant Reminders

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Do you hate when you’re watching TV, or laying in bed, and you have been mentally conditioned to look down at your phone every single time you hear it vibrate or notify you? So do I. So when Witti sent me their Notti and Dotti smartlights to test out, I was more than ready to use them.

The Dotti is the smaller of the two, and its pixelated screen on the first glance reminded me of Tetris. Now I will say, when I first opened the box and saw the “swipe” instructions, I was a bit confused. Apparently you can switch modes by a simple swipe gesture across the top of the Dotti. This was pretty nifty once you got the hang of it. The cool thing about the Dotti is that not only does it feature a music player, clock, and a battery indicator, but there’s a neat little game of dice you can play.
Witti's Notti, Dotti Are Good For Your Home If You Need Constant Reminders
I liked the Dotti for it’s small size and the music indicator, and as a lifelong Pac-Man fan, seeing the pixel art of our favorite yellow guy was nice. My biggest gripe is the swipe feature doesn’t always work on the first try, and reading the alarm clock from a distance is pretty difficult.
Witti's Notti, Dotti Are Good For Your Home If You Need Constant Reminders
All in all the Dotti is a great device for the living room. Now onto it’s big brother, the Notti.
The Notti is obviously the featured smart light here. It resembles a mountain peak and honestly looks cool on my nightstand. It features a lot of the same abilities that the Dotti has, with features like the ability to choose the color of the light courtesy of the “Notti” App (the ‘Dotti’ has its own standalone). I went for the green in my bedroom because it was easiest to see and it’s my favorite color.
Witti's Notti, Dotti Are Good For Your Home If You Need Constant Reminders
Playing music and seeing the lights flash is pretty nifty, but in all honesty the Notti sits in my bedroom, and I don’t really play a lot of music in this particular room. But the fact that it does flash alternating colors to go along with the tune you’re listening to was pretty cool. This also does the same thing for alarms as well, which to me is the BIGGEST feature for me. I’m a heavy sleeper, but the constant flashing of light actually woke me up, not the dinging of my phones “snooze” setting.
Witti's Notti, Dotti Are Good For Your Home If You Need Constant Reminders
The big thing I didn’t like though with the Notti is the consistent flashing for notifications. Now I receive a lot of texts and emails that I tend to skip over on purpose. The Notti doesn’t really handle this to perfection. The notification light will NOT stop until you’ve actually opened and cleared these notifications. Which sounds ideal, but for someone who expects to lay in bed and possibly see a green flash (for texts) or blue flash (for emails), one flash is enough to remind me. The Notti will simply keep pulsating until you open your phone to check it. Even using Do-Not-Disturb doesn’t accurately help out the cause for this either. It doesn’t help that although it’s a smart lamp, it’s ridiculously bright. (hence I can wake out of a deep sleep to a sight of green).
Witti's Notti, Dotti Are Good For Your Home If You Need Constant Reminders
All in all, Witti has produced two great smart lights in the Notti and the Dotti, and even though I prefer the looks of the Notti, the Dotti seemed to be the most consistent and worked the way I wanted it to in terms of actually handling my notifications. However, they are both novelty features, and if you don’t want to consistently (and we mean consistently) reminded that you have to answer that email, this may not be for you.
Witti's Notti, Dotti Are Good For Your Home If You Need Constant Reminders

Source: Manufacturer Supplied review unit

What I like: The Dotti was quick to charge, and the pixel art for notifications were great, from Tweets to FaceBook notifications. The Nottis overall look.

What Needs Improvement: Battery life on the Dotti was abysmal, maybe push an update?; The Notti should have a setting to only flash 1-5 times, not nonstop.

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