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January 6, 2013 • News

CES News From Seagate

for 4pm

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One of our first meetings tomorrow is with Seagate. Each year for the past few years at CES they have had something new to share and this year looks to be no different. In fact, their announcements just went live and we wanted to give you a quick look prior to tomorrow’s hands-on.

Screen Shot 2013 01 06 at 2 14 23 PM

First up, the company has just announced their Seagate Wireless Plus. The Wireless Plus provides mobile storage for smart phones and tablets without the need for wires or access to the web. The Wireless Plus creates its own WiFi network and up to eight mobile devices can be connected at a time. As the release notes,

Designed with significant improvements and a beautiful new Seagate Media app, this award-winning product includes a sleek industrial design and can now hold up to 500 HD movies all while delivering over 10-hours of continuous streaming.

The Wireless Plus is the second-generation of a device we first brought you two years ago and it is a CEA Best of Innovations award winner for 2013.

Screen Shot 2013 01 06 at 2 15 14 PM

Also announced today is the new Seagate Central, the first networked home storage solution to feature a Smart TV app for enjoyment of files from the big screen. Also a CES 2013 Innovations Honoree, the Seagate Central “delivers automatic backup for the entire home, access to movies, music and photos from networked devices, as well as remote access”

We’re meeting with Seagate tomorrow and will have much more on both. Stay tuned.

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