Griffin’s LightRunner Armband Now Available Online!


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Griffin's LightRunner Armband Now Available Online! Listen to this article

Earlier today Griffin Technology announced that their LightRunner Light-Up Armband will now be available to purchase from Griffin’s website.

Available for $39.99, the LightRunner is a super comfortable neoprene smartphone armband that allows the user to jog safely at night. Announced at CES 2015 earlier this year, the armband is their newest accessory that has flashing LEDs embedded in the band in a sculpted gTex Cloth and rubber for structure and stability around your smartphone.

Griffin's LightRunner Armband Now Available Online!

Obviously the main selling point is the fact your LightRunner will illuminate at night, courtesy of the flashing LED lights so motorists can see it. But this is still an armband. You will not only feel safe knowing in a dark neighborhood you will be seen, but the Griffin is so lightweight it will not boggle down your arm when out for a jog, day or night. Fitting up to an 18-inch arm, it may not fit Hulk Hogan’s pythons, but it certainly will work for the average person. With a touch-through window, you will easily be able to switch tracks or answer that phone call without having to fidget around with a plastic covered sleeve.


Fitting smartphones up to 4.7″, the LightRunner can fit the iPhone 6, Galaxy S5, and any other phone that can fit up to that size. You can purchase the LightRunner today from Griffin’s Site.

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