Have You Heard of HDR Headphones? Check Out Origem’s HS-3’s Bluetooth Earbuds

For a company to claim that their headphones have advanced audio quality is one thing, but when they throw our the term “HDR sound,” you might be more interested in checking them out. I was sent a pair of Origem HS-3 Bluetooth headphones, and the question I have is: Should you believe the hype?

The Origem HS-3 are the first headphones that I’ve ever heard of that highlight a feature which isn’t something typical — like wireless charging, or the ability to translate in your ear. Instead, the company opts to focus on what’s most import: Audio. Using what the company describes as an “HDR Algorithm,” the HS-3s optimize the dynamic range and sound field, giving you a balanced sound no matter what you’re listening to. What’s more, the price of the headphones is insanely cheaper than what you’d think at $99; after testing over the past month, I feel like they could have easily cost just a bit more.

Built with a 10mm graphene driver and a CSR8675 chip that boasts the DSP audio algorithm I spoke of earlier, the HS-3s adjust their level automatically based on loudness, giving you a full sound every single listen. What I like the most about them, even over the obvious brands like Beats that seem to be their main competition with this active-style of earbuds, is the fact that the HS-3s produce clear mids and robust highs, all while giving you the bass that you’d want from your favorite boom-bap tracks. I’ve used the Origem HS-3 in crowded gyms as well as around my office space, and I’ve been amazed by how incredible they sound not just for music but also for watching Youtube clips and podcasts. As someone who likes their audio loud in said environments, I’ve actually adapted to keeping my headphones at mid-level ranges and have been happy with the outcome since.

Coming complete with voice recognition, the HS-3s has the ability to recognize commands after hitting the included controls onboard or not to do things such as going to the next track, pausing your music and even rejecting calls if you don’t feel like answering.

My own personal highlight here, though, is the overall fit of the earbuds. I’ve tested plenty of over-ear headphones, but the HS-3 are just outright comfortable, man. With an adjustable earhook, they feel like the sunglasses I typically wear, with a rubberized tip at the end so they will not slide, and they are adjustable up to 70 degrees which for me is perfect, especially for lifting in the gym. Origem states that the earbuds are IPX5 water resistant which is also great for those of you who sweat. There’s even a really dope Quick Charge function that will allow you to get two hours of playtime with just a ten-minute charge.

I can’t say enough how much I really enjoy my HS-3’s, and I know I speak highly of a lot of headphones that I test, but honestly, at $99 and with the features it has — especially the audio quality — you’ll be hard pressed to find a better option. Set high goals for yourself with a low price and just add the HS-3 earbuds to your checkout bin by heading over to this link today.

Source: Manufacturer supplied review unit

What I Like: Quick charge feature and overall ear fit; Excellent sound; Affordable price

What Needs Improvement: Nothing

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