Pictyear Is a Photo App That Can Make a Collaborative PhotoBook Instantly!

Summer is already in full swing, and with 90 degree weather and vacations being planned, there’s one thing that’s certain: pictures will be taken. But we’ve all been there where we’ve taken a photo and family or friends say “Oh! Send me that!” Luckily for you, there’s an app that’s here to put you ahead of that moment.

Pictyear is the first ever photobook app that will let multiple people collaborate on photos to essentially make a keepsake photobook, all at the same time and on the go. Pictyear not only lets multiple people contribute, but you can make photobooks in minutes. All it takes is simply snapping a picture with the App Store app and then swiping up after clicking your last photo to send it to the most current album. Swiping down obviously removes the last gesture and holding down on the screen will allow you to move it to another album.  This app has already made a home on one of my home screens for a vacation my girlfriend and I are taking in a few weeks.


We realized that many of our memories—photos of family, friends and shared experiences—were stuck in our phones. And, people who promised to send us their photos never did because it is such a hassle,” says Jérôme Tricault, co-founder of Pictyear. “We saw the need for an app that allows people to share photos instantly, create an album together during an event and then order a printed photobook directly from their smartphone. Pictyear makes that possible.”

Pictyear is certainly a fresh take on photobooking, a lost art in the “cloud storage” generation. While it’s nice to be able to have everything in the cloud, sometimes having a physical photobook is great when you want to show off your child’s first birthday, or even just those vacation shots that you and the family took. With Pictyear you can complete a photobook, and order it to be shipped anywhere in the US. With prices ranging from $12.99 for a mini booklet of 21 photos, to $29.99 for a landscape photobook with 81 photos, this is a must have app. And with Father’s Day RIGHT around the corner, you can even go to lengths of sending the men in your lives photobooks of their favorite shots of the family, because honestly, who wants socks, right?

Available for free in the Apple App Store, Pictyear will actually by coming to the Google Play Store soon as well!

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