Incipio’s iPhone 6/6s Case Review

When I first got my iPhone 6 last Christmas, I was taken in by the slim design of Apple’s latest marvel. Now, almost a year later, my phone has several tiny dings and scratches, mostly due to the several “protective” cases I have used.

When I was asked to look at one of Incipio’s iPhone 6/6s cases I was skeptical, but once I put my phone in I realized that real protection can be achieved without loss of appeal.

Incipio's iPhone 6/6s Case Review

Founded in Southern California in 1999, Incipio Technologies Inc. has quickly become a global leader in manufacturing and selling well-made mobile device accessories and more. The case that I’m reviewing is the Moroccan case from Incipio’s Design Series.

Here is a description of the Design Series from Incipio:

“Wrap your phone in chic elegance with the Incipio© Design Series. The translucent designs accented with eye-catching metallic foil adds a stylish flair to your device while keeping it fully protected from daily wear and tear. Specially coated in a premium scratch resistant finish for a flawless sheen and long-lasting durability, the Design Series cases are perfect for the fashion-forward trendsetter.”

Incipio's iPhone 6/6s Case Review

When I first pulled the case out of the box, I was struck by how thin it really was. The case is rubbery and can bend gracefully. Putting my iPhone into the case was a challenge at first, but once I figured out how to bend it, it easily slid inside. Once there, the case is wrapped snugly around the phone, and the charging port and headphone jack are given extra protection as well.

Incipio's iPhone 6/6s Case Review

As a college student, I need to protect my phone from accidental drops, but at the same time I want it to look pretty. Incipio’s case nails both concepts. I’ve dropped my phone onto the sidewalk while walking to school numerous times, but the case still looks like I just put it on. Plus, the mosaic design on the back of the case is just lovely to look at.

Incipio's iPhone 6/6s Case Review

Incipio’s Design Series cases are a good blend of pretty to look at, yet tough enough to protect your mobile technology. With a retail price of $34.99, it can be a great present for you or for someone special.

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Source: Manufacturer supplied review sample

What I Like: Beautiful case design; Durable

What Needs Improvement: Nothing

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