SureCall EZ 4G 5-Band Cellular Signal Booster for Home Gives Your Signal a Boost!

I spent ten years living in a relatively rural area of New Jersey. Cell reception was terrible. Even now I find that I often have just a bar or two when in my new apartment. That’s where the SureCall EZ 4G 5-Band Cellular Signal Booster enters. It sets up in seconds and makes weak signals a thing of the past.

SureCall EZ 4G 5-Band Cellular Signal Booster for Home Gives Your Signal a Boost!

SureCall describes the product this way:

The EZ 4G is an ideal solution for homes where reception is weak due to distance from cell towers, topography or building materials. This plug and play solution doesn’t require installation of an outside antenna. All-Carrier solution provides “future-proofing” in case you change carriers or you need a multi-carrier solution.

SureCall EZ 4G 5-Band Cellular Signal Booster for Home Gives Your Signal a Boost!

The system sets up so easily that there are no instructions in the box. That’s NOT a criticism! No, it is an observation that is made with a great deal of appreciation. After all, previous signal boosters required tons of fancy setup and time. Not so here. A quick look at the back of the box and pretty much anyone can understand what they need to do in order to get it up and running. And it takes about a minute!

Inside the box, you will find the EZ 4G cellular amplifier with built-in outside antenna, an indoor desktop antenna, plenty of RG6 cable, and an optional window sill mount. It is as simple as that!

The system features:

  • Easy installation in as little as 15 minutes
  • Boosts Voice and Data Signals
  • Reduces dropped and missed calls
  • Attractive design for home or office
  • Best in Industry 3-year warranty

SureCall EZ 4G 5-Band Cellular Signal Booster for Home Gives Your Signal a Boost!

The indoor desktop antenna is a single piece and looks surprisingly attractive. Attached to it is a length of cable that, as we will see, ends in a split between the power source and the signal carrier that brings the signal from the antenna to the included booster.

SureCall EZ 4G 5-Band Cellular Signal Booster for Home Gives Your Signal a Boost!

The rest of the package includes:

  • The signal booster (Upper left)
  • The optional antenna desk stand (Lower left)
  • The plentiful cable that allows you to put the booster pretty much anywhere (Upper right)
  • Adhesive for mounting the antenna on the window (Middle right)
  • The AC power adapter (Lower right)

SureCall EZ 4G 5-Band Cellular Signal Booster for Home Gives Your Signal a Boost!

This is everything that comes in the package. To get up and running you want to consider two things. First, you want to make sure you have positioned the booster in a window with the strongest signal close enough to an existing electrical outlet. Second, you want to make sure you have sufficient cable length between proposed inside antenna location and booster connector.

From there you simply find the window area that has the strongest signal, install the inside desktop antenna, mount the signal booster, connect the inside antenna cable to the signal booster, and connect the booster to an AC power source. After that, the only thing left to do is to configure the gain settings on the signal booster if needed. It’s that simple and then you are good to go.

SureCall EZ 4G 5-Band Cellular Signal Booster for Home Gives Your Signal a Boost!

I opted to put my antenna on the included stand and sit it in a window. It isn’t ideal since the window looks out on a balcony but, for now, it is as good as I could get. When Raina and I move into a house this spring I’ll have the opportunity to truly find the window that offers the best signal and, at that time, will use the included adhesive to affix the antenna directly to the window.

SureCall EZ 4G 5-Band Cellular Signal Booster for Home Gives Your Signal a Boost!

The cable coming from the antenna splits in two after a few feet. One end connects to the included AC adapter which, in turn, plugs into the wall. The other connects to the included cable and allows you to position the booster a good distance from the antenna. The extra cable also means you can position the booster in an area that will be as least intrusive as possible.

SureCall EZ 4G 5-Band Cellular Signal Booster for Home Gives Your Signal a Boost!

Speaking of the booster, this is what it looks like sitting next to one of my JBL Speakers. The two look pretty neat on the concrete podium!

Before we talk about how the SureCall EZ 4G 5-Band Cellular Signal Booster for Home actually looks let’s run down the technical specifications:

  • Frequency Uplink: 698-716/776-787/ 824-849/1850-1915/1710-1755
  • Downlink : 728-746 / 746-757 / 869-894 / 1930-1995 / 2110-2155
  • Input Impedance: 75 ohm
  • Average Gain Cellular: -65dB / PCS-72dB / LTE(A)-63.5dB / LTE(V)-64dB / AWS-71dB
  • Maximum Gain Cellular: – 65dB / PCS-72dB / LTE(A)-63.5dB / LTE(V)-64dB / AWS-71dB
    VSWR 2.0
  • Standard Supported: CDMA, WCDMA, GSM, EDGE, HSPA+, EVDO, LTE and all cellular standards
  • AC Power Transformer Input: AC 110-240V, 50/60 Hz
  • Maximum RF Output Power: 1 Watt EIRP
  • Noise Figure: 7dB
  • Cable: RG6
  • RF connectors: F-Female on both ends
  • Power Consumption: <10W
  • Dimensions: 13″ Diameter
  • Weight: 2 lbs. 11 oz.

Okay… that’s all good and well. The product looks cool, sets up easily, and offers some interesting technical numbers. But does it actually work? In short… yes… yes it does. Here are a few tests I did using a number of different speed testing apps. In each case, the wifi on my phone was turned off and the phone was in the same place for each run. The left image is the speed with booster unplugged. The right is with it plugged back in.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

I used a few other apps and the result was the same each time. Clearly the booster adds speed to the phone. What you can’t see is that most of the time when the booster was on I got one or two more bars than with it off. Obviously, the difference would be more dramatic if I were in a location with even worse reception but, even with a decent signal at home the booster strengthened and speeded the connection. That, in turn, will likely save on battery since the phone is not working as hard to grab and hold a connection.

In short, the SureCall EZ 4G 5-Band Cellular Signal Booster for Home delivers on its promise. It installs in seconds and does its magic without you needing to do anything once it is plugged in. No, I don’t expect it to cover a large house but that is something I could not test in my small apartment. Even there however, it showed its utility. If you live in an area with weak reception or you simply want a more reliable and faster connection for your cellular devices it is something you should check out.

It is coming to market soon at an MSRP of $399. You can learn more here!

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Source: Manufacturer supplied review sample

What I Like: Simple to set up; Easy to use; Looks rather neat IMHO; Does exactly what it promises with regard to signal strength and speed

What Needs Improvement: Nothing so far. Some may hesitate when they see the $399 price tag but the device delivers exactly what promises. If you have lousy signal reception this one-time expense will solve the issue permanently.

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