Dog & Bone Announces Their iPhone 7 Line of Cases, Will Add More Protection

So Apple has released their iPhone 7, and although the device itself is water-resistant, that doesn’t mean you should attempt to fight the elements and go caseless. Dog & Bone’s got your back!

One of the leading brands when it comes to protecting your smartphone, Dog & Bone has announced they will have a range of cases for both models of the iPhone 7. With various cases including a two-part splash proof and drop proof iPhone case featuring a bumper and tempered glass screen, as well as two waterproof, drop proof with shock absorbing case, and one featuring a flexible glass screen protector, Dog & Bone will be there for your phone when you least expect to need it.

“With clever engineering, we’ve designed our cases to feature extra shock protection without adding the extra bulk you would normally expect from this level of protection,” says Maria Ranchod, Co-Founder, Dog & Bone. “As the iPhone has evolved, so too has the technology for protecting them. Our new lines of cases offer consumers smart protective iPhone wear in our slimmest casings of their kind yet.”

 The three cases, the Splash44, the Wetsuit, and the Wetsuit Impact all protect in various ways and come in multiple color options.


First up there’s the Splash44 case, which features a splash proof membrane over the speaker and the home button with a sealed lightning port. Also sporting a IP44 splash ring, the case is designed with a military certified rating with drop and shock protection of up to 6.6 feet. Available in four color combinations, the Splash44 will be $54.95 for the iPhone 7, and $59.99 for the larger plus model.


Next is the Wetsuit case, which not only features direct touchscreen waterproof technology for optimum touchscreen sensitivity, but the two-part case is actually made to be waterproof for up to 6.6 feet, on top of being drop and shock proof. The Wetsuit will be available in three colors costing you $79.95 for the 7, and $89.95 for the 7 Plus.


Finally there is the Wetsuit Impact, which features the same water, drop, and shock protection of up to 6.6 feet, but also comes with the ability to be dust, sand, dirt, and snow proof, all while keeping functionality with things like Touch ID. The more rugged of the cases, the Wetsuit Impact will be $79.95 for the iPhone 7, and $89.95 for the iPhone 7 Plus.

For more information about the new line by Dog & Bone, head over to their site today for more information!

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