WineOvation’s Bowling Pin: A Fun and Useful Powered Wine Bottle Opener

If you enjoy drinking wine, then you likely have a corkscrew kept in your kitchen or bar drawer. While a corkscrew can get the bottle opened, The WineOvation Bowling Pin Powered Bottle Opener makes the whole process a little more automated and a lot more fun.

The cork is magically removed; you'll know the wine opener is done working when the whirring noise stops.

The Cordless Bowling Pin can open a bottle of wine in seconds. Simply push the button down to remove the cork from the bottle and push up to extract the cork from the Pin. The Rechargeable Bowling Pin will uncork over 30 bottles of wine on a single charge.

The package includes the Bowling Pin wine bottle opener, a wall charger, and a foil cutter.

The Bowling Pin Powered Bottle Opener measures approximately 12″ long by 4″ wide. It is composed of shiny white plastic with red accents; basically, it looks like a mini bowling pin (regulation bowling pins are 15″ tall by 4.75″ wide).


On the bottom of the 1.5-pound bowling pin bottle opener, there is a hole that is meant to be slipped over the top of a wine bottle’s closure and neck after you’ve used the included foil cutter to remove the capsule sealing the closure.


The powered corkscrew is inside this hole.

Before using the bottle opener for the first time, you should charge it for at least 8 hours. Once charged, the Bowling Pin Bottle Opener can be used to open up to 35 bottles of wine before needing to be recharged.


When the battery is fully charged, the LED on the top of the bowling pin will glow red.


In order to use the bottle opener, you place the hold on the bottom of the bowling pin directly over the closure and neck of the wine bottle. It’s important to make sure that the opener and bottle remain as upright and vertical as possible at all times so that the cork is removed properly.


To remove the cork from the bottle you push the rocker button on the front of the bowling pin down — the corkscrew will “spiral and turn in a clockwise direction, entering the cork and gradually removing it from the bottle. When the electric wine opener mechanism stops, the cork has been fully removed from the bottle.” To remove the cork from the opener, you push the rocker button up, and “the spiral will turn in a counterclockwise direction and release the cork.”

We have used the Bowling Pin Bottle Opener several times, and it’s been incredibly easy to use and — for lack of a better word — fun to operate.

Using the Bowling Pin Bottle Opener is similar to using any other automated cork removing bottle opener; WineOvation has just put that basic function inside a much more fun exterior. The Bowling Pin looks just enough out-of-place sitting on a kitchen counter that people will pick it up and ask you about it. It would be perfectly at home in your home bar or game room, though; people might not even give it another glance — until you pull it out to open a bottle of wine.


If you’ve been looking for a fun gift for your favorite bowler, or if you want something sporty to put in your game room or home bar, the WineOvation Bowling Pin Wine Bottle Opener might be just the thing. I know for a fact that it will make a great Holiday gift — my 27-year-old daughter took one look at it and said she wanted it, so … 😉

There are also other style bottle openers available on the WineOvation site including Major League Baseball Bat wine openers and “wine guns“. This video, showing one of the MLB wine openers demonstrates the same opening action used by the Bowling Pin Wine Bottle Opener.

The Bowling Pin Powered Wine Bottle Opener retails for $29.99, and it is available directly from WineOvation and Amazon [affiliate link with free shipping].

Source: Manufacturer supplied review sample

What I Like: Easy to figure out and operate; Removes bottle cork quickly and without it breaking; Included foil cutter; Fun design that will be at home in a game room or home bar; Can open over 30 bottles on a full charge: Makes a fantastic gift

What Needs Improvement: Nothing

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