Humetrix Demos a Fleet of Health Apps That Put You in Control

Diagnostic testing is a very complex matter which is heavily associated with healthcare reform being present around the globe. At CES 2017, Humetrix is demoing a fleet of mobile health platforms that put the consumer in control of their health care.

Humetrix is showcasing their award-winning mobile health suite of products that have already been helping healthcare consumers in the US and Europe. But with the changing of the guard in the U.S. later this month, and a political landscape change in Europe, Humetrix looks ahead to possibly changing health policies with the iBlueButton, the SOS QR and the TENSIO.

Humetrix Demos a Fleet of Health Apps That Put You in Control

iBlueButton will allow the consumer to access, integrate and annotate their own health records straight from heir Android or iOS device. Veterans, who often seek health care within or outside of the VA system can now use the program, as well as Medicaid or Medicare beneficiaries. Made to be assembled with ease, iBlueButton is in use by government health plans and will soon be launched within a large State Medicaid program.

Humetrix Demos a Fleet of Health Apps That Put You in Control

SOS QR is designed with emergency preparedness in mind. The globalized app runs on iOS and Android, as well as Apple Watch. It makes conditions, allergies, and medications available to any emergency responder in multiple languages. Featuring an SOS Button, users can easily press to alert emergency contacts of their GPS location in any disaster scenario.

Humetrix Demos a Fleet of Health Apps That Put You in Control

Finally, there’s the TENSIO. Nearly 30% of adults have high blood pressure and the TENSIO will assemble their health monitoring device data by guiding you in a very personal way. Giving you personalized notifications on you Apple Watch or smartphone, you can monitor your exercise, diet and weight loss regimens.

All three of these products were elected by the UK’s National Health Service (NHS) to be used in the NHS Sheffield Region Test Bed to manage the health of patients with chronic conditions.

“By empowering people with their own health data and expert systems for decision making, we can improve patient safety and health outcomes, avoid medical errors due to a lack of patient information at the point of care, and reduce redundant testing and costs across healthcare systems,” said Dr. Bettina Experton, CEO of Humetrix.  “Globally, we are seeing citizens and patients demand more transparency across every aspect of their lives – including their healthcare.  The time has come to put consumers in control and move away from a provider-or payor-first to a patient-first mindset in healthcare.”

For more information, head over to Humetrix.

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