TempTraq Monitors Your Child’s Temperature from Anywhere

Parents can now monitor their child’s body temperature’s from anywhere thanks to the TempTraq Connect.

TempTraq Monitors Your Child's Temperature

TempTraq is an interesting product that’s not only HIPAA-compliant, but is fully supported by Google’s Healthcare Cloud Platform. One of the most important things for parents is the ability to monitor their child’s health, and with the TempTraq, users can now monitor in real-time their child’s temperature data no matter where they are. The wearable Bluetooth monitor is a soft, comfortable patch that records and sends data to a parent’s smart device for 24, even up to 48 hours.

Taking care of an ill child is now a bit easier as you will not only get continuous, hands-free temperature readings, but now you’ll eliminate the need to continually disturb them in order to get a reading. With a range of 40 feet, a parent, babysitter or caregiver can be given permission to access the data in real-time even if they are rooms away from the child.

Available today for $19.99, you can purchase the 24-hour TempTraq at Amazon, Target, and CVS.

Available later this quarter, you get the 48-hour TempTraq watch for $24.99

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