Apple Watch 2 Refurbs Now Available Online

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I’ve been wearing an Apple Watch since June 2015. I love the ability to know the weather forecast as well as the easy way I can measure and challenge myself with the activity app.

Apple Watch 2 Refurbs Now Available Online

If you’ve been eyeing one of the newer Apple Watch 2 models but don’t want to spend full price, head to the Apple Watch refurb store where a batch of the newer models has just been listed.

My Apple Watch 2 arrived this week, and while it’s too early to say if there is a material difference from my original Apple Watch, I do feel like there is a longer battery life and that has come in handy during my daily workout which used to leave the original seriously drained of battery.

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The site is presently listing 12 models that have been discounted 15-16% ($60 -$90 depending upon model). Apple refurbished products carry a full 1-year warranty and you can add Applecare+ to further extend your warranty protection.


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