Olloclip Pivot Is an iPhone-Ographer’s Best Friend

Rounding out our series of Olloclip reviews at this time is the Olloclip Pivot. This $49.99 accessory is ideal for anyone looking to use do serious iPhone-ography. It’s a simple way to not only add stability to your shot but, thanks to a single cold shoe on top, to also add an accessory such as a light or a microphone.


Olloclip Pivot Is an iPhone-Ographer's Best Friend

The Pivot is red and black and is one of those simple accessories that just makes sense. It has two basic parts. There is a grip and there is an iPhone “clamp.”

Olloclip Pivot Is an iPhone-Ographer's Best Friend


The Grip offers a stable way to hold the iPhone as well as a wrist strap to, were you to lose your grip, your iPhone would not come crashing down. There is a finger hole toward the frontnt of the grip that allows you to get an even better, more comfortable and more stable hold.The design is brilliant from an ergonomic standpoint and far exceeds any other iPhone “grip” I have tried.

Olloclip Pivot Is an iPhone-Ographer's Best Friend

The iPhone clamp is a spring-landed device that expands to allow easy placement and removal of the smartphone. The spring is strong enough to hold the phone tightly nut not so strong that pulling the phone out is difficult. In addition, it is lined with a slightly softer red material, the same material that is on the inside of the finger hole in the grip, and adds a layer of protection to the phone when it is being held in place.

Olloclip Pivot Is an iPhone-Ographer's Best Friend

This universal clamp also has a cold shoe mount on the top so you can add your favorite microphone or lighting to it. It is a simple design but one that works amazingly well.

Olloclip Pivot Is an iPhone-Ographer's Best Friend

The Pivot is so named because the clamp can rotate a full 225° in relationship to the grip. That means you can set the angle that is best suited for the way you hold the grip and still get fantastic shots. And there’s more.

Olloclip Pivot Is an iPhone-Ographer's Best Friend

Olloclip also includes a GoPro adapter so the Pivot isn’t limited to use with the iPhone. Here’s what Olloclip has to say about it:

Capture stunning video with confidence at any angle with olloclip’s all-new Pivot grip. Incorporating an innovative articulating hub, Pivot provides 225° of rotation to ensure proper positioning when shooting everything from an aggressive session at the skate park to playful days at the beach. It’s even water resistant so you can take it for a dive when using a waterproof camera. The compact ergonomic design results in a more natural hand-feel and features passive stabilization, minimizing the amount of shakiness in your video. Connect your mobile device or favorite camera through the included Universal Clamp, 1/4-20 mount or GoPro® adapter. And with an integrated cold shoe mount, you can attach lightweight accessories like a light or microphone quickly and easily.

Olloclip Pivot Is an iPhone-Ographer's Best Friend

The Olloclip Pivot Features:

  • 225° articulating hub design
  • Optimized for mobile videography
  • Universal Clamp accommodates mobile devices from 4”-5.5”
  • 1/4-20 mount and GoPro® adapter for connecting to Olloclip Studio or other compact cameras
  • Integrated cold shoe mount to attach lightweight accessories like a light or microphone

If there was one feature I wish the Olloclip Pivot had was a Bluetooth camera trigger built into it. That would make it easy to hold and shoot with the iPhone with one hand. And while I do realize it would have made the Pivot more complex and expensive, it would have been a neat way to have one accessory for on-the-go shooting. Instead, I have a small Bluetooth shutter trigger that I keep in my other hand while shooting.

Olloclip Pivot Is an iPhone-Ographer's Best Friend

I’ve tried an assortment of different ways to get a good, stable hold of the iPhone while using it to take pictures or shoot video. Little did I expect that one of the seemingly simpler accessories, seemingly but in actuality designed with a great deal of thought behind it, would be the best accessory for this purpose. I’m a huge fan of the Olloclip Pivot and highly recommend it for anyone who is doing a lot of mobile photography or shooting a lot of video. The GoPro adapter and 1/4-20 mount won’t see a lot of use by me but the universal clamp is perfect for use with my iPhone 7! It is one $49 accessory iPhone photographers will love having.

Source: Manufacturer supplied review sample

What I Like: Holds smartphones securely but makes removal easy; Includes attachments for other gear; Has a cold shoe for accessories; Easy to grip ad hold fast

What Needs Improvement: I wish it had a Bluetooth shutter trigger built into it

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