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July 19, 2013 • News

Rayovac Redefines Mobile Charging Category with 2-Hour Power

Rayovac 2 Hour Power

Rayovac 2 Hour Power

As smartphones advance it seems there are fewer and fewer things to complain about – they are fast, responsive, thin and light, feature-filled, and the batteries … ok, so there is still one thing to complain about. Because with new features and more powerful chips, advances in battery technology have merely managed to maintain the status quo.

So what do we do? Many have battery cases which are phone specific, and I also have a few external battery packs I can connect with a cable to my phone. These are great solutions, but can run into a fair amount of money, require cables and outlets to keep them charged, and device specificity means extra cables or buying a new charger if you get a new phone!

Rayovac has a new idea – 2-Hour Power. Rather than a full 200+mAh charge that costs upwards of $100, 2-Hour Power has a MSRP of $8.99. Part of this is a change in focus. The 2-Hour Power comes all set to use, and is powered by a single CR123A battery. Think of it as an emergency backup – this isn’t something to keep you going during general use, but instead something to have in your purse or backpack ‘just in case’.

If you need more than 2-hours, Rayovac also offers a 7-hour charging solution. Using four AA batteries, the 7-Hour Back-Up Power Pack can fully recharge your phone quickly in the event of power loss. Rayovac is also introducing the Phone Boost Keychain Charger and portable USB Car & Wall Chargers.

Head to Rayovac to get more info, and look for the 2-Hour Power instant charging device in retailers everywhere this summer.

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