Kitchenware Just Got Better with Joseph Joseph Products

The Joseph Joseph innovative kitchenware line makes sure that you never go without proper cooking utensils in your home. They sent us over a few of their latest products to check out, and preparing meals has been a delight ever since.

Kitchenware Just Got Better with Joseph Joseph Products

The first product that Joseph Joseph sent over was their Chop2Pot Bamboo Cutting Board ($18) a folding cutting board that is just as practical as it is storable.

Kitchenware Just Got Better with Joseph Joseph Products

Made for clumsy folks like myself who chop up their vegetables and other folks who hate having to scrap from the board to the meal we are preparing and having food flying everywhere.

Not only does the Chop2Pot fold in half making food have protections on both ends, the items you cut up will slide nicely into a pot, bowl, you name it. It also comes in two sizes, which is perfect for small or large counter spaces. It’s worth mentioning that the cutting board isn’t dishwasher safe (although I accidentally threw it in there myself once), but it’s suggested to wash and wipe by hand.

Next up is the TriScale, a folding digital scale that does it all. If you’re into measuring your foods into accurate portions, the TriScale is exactly what you need. Available in white or green, the TriScale ($30) not only folds for ultimate storage into a drawer but when unfolded, not only is the scale accurate but can weigh anything from bowls to standard plates. As someone who uses MyFitnessPal faithfully, the TriScale’s easy to read LCD display gives you an accurate amount in grams, pounds, ounces, fluid ounces and mls. What’s more, there’s an add and weigh function that allows you to actually go ahead and ADD food to food already on the scale, giving you accurate recipe preparation without the need to use multiple utensils and bowls. I’ve used this heavily in my salads, as well as when chopping my vegetables. It’s not rechargeable, though, so you will have to replace the CR2032 battery every once in a while, but I’ve been using it for over a month now and it looks to hold for quite some time.

Joseph Joseph also sent over their Mezzaluna ($15), a folding herb chopper that I’ve envied every time I went into Chop’t to get a salad and could never find at a Target. Made for chopping herbs, the slick-looking blade features two handles that give you the ability to chop up more ingredients, quicker. Cutting up Cilantro is a personal pet peeve of mine, even more than parsley, but the Mezzaluna makes it all the while worth is. The name Mezzaluna is Italian for ‘half-moon’, which is why the herb chopper takes its curvaceous shape. With pivoting handles and a stainless steel blade, you can get through all of those tedious chopping tasks with ease thanks to the Mezzaluna, and when you’re done, you simply fold it back together and stash it for safe keeping.

Kitchenware Just Got Better with Joseph Joseph Products

Last but not least there’s the Next 9 Plus, a necessity for EVERY kitchen. Before I received Joseph Joseph’s Nest 9 Plus, I had a set of three mixing bowls in one drawer, a colander in another, and all of my measuring cups in a drawer with my silverware. That’s since been changed because of the Nest 9’s ultimate space saving kitchenware that makes sure all of its elements actually stack and get snapped in securely so you never lose them. The Nest 9 comes with five measuring cups, a non-slip mixing bowl, a mesh sieve, a colander and a large sized mixing bowl, perfect to make sure your dinners are prepared with ease. Since each are individually colored, you’ll easily know what goes were because if the item underneath doesn’t fit, that’s because one is missing, perfect for those of you who tend to misplace your kitchen products (hand raised). Here’s a video pretty much describing why the Nest 9 is so useful.

Now, obviously, after you’ve finished cooking your meals thanks to all of these products, chances are you might have leftovers, why not buy yourself the Nest storage container set ($25)? Color coordinated to match the Nest 9, these space-saving storage containers can sit right next to the Nest 9 Plus in your cabinet for when you need to simply put foods away. And you’ll always know what lid goes with what thanks to the color coordinated dot on the bottom of each container matching up with the appropriate lid.

Joseph Joseph makes live well, simple thanks to their kitchen products that give you the ability to cook, store and clean your kitchen space efficiently, all while being affordably priced.

For more information on Joseph Joseph’s products, you can head over to their site today.

Source: Manufacturer supplied review unit

What I Like: Color coordinated storage is awesome, but the fact their prices match any you’d find in your local department store is great

What Needs Improvement: I’d like to see possibly bathroom and other home items soon

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