Peak Ice Works Clear Ice Cube Mold: Get Fancy Ice for Your Drink without Buying an Overpriced Fridge

Chances are your traditional ice tray makes the same old ice time and time again that when you go to create your beverage of choice, not only does the ice just look cloudy due to impurities causing the ice to come out opaque, chances are the ice doesn’t hold up very long.

Luckily there’s a company by the name of W&P Designs that’s products not only make ice more pleasant to use but will be able to handle your beverage even at room temperature.

W&P Designs sent us over their $35 Peak Ice Works Clear Ice Cube Mold, which is a silicone mold that is insulated in rubber that when frozen for twelve hours, not only causes the ice to be free of cloudiness and impurities but allows your beverages to last even longer. So for you drinkers of spirits, that problem of having an often diluted cocktail, fear no more as Peak Ice Works has created the extra-large ice cute to best all of the ice cubes in your fridge.

For an ice mold, I did find the mold to be ridiculously large for an average freezer such as my own, so I found myself doing a bit of rearranging in order to get the mold to actually find proper space to freeze.

It’s a stand up three-piece mold which includes the portion you insert water into, the mold it sits in, and a bottom portion that actually stops the water from draining into the bottom of your freezer. It’s a practical approach to making crystal clear ice, and despite the size, it works insanely well. I do wish though that it made more than one block of clear ice, especially considering the size of the unit.

After a few hours in the fridge, taking the ice out of the mold will take a bit of wiggle. The top portion of the ice mold will be free of any cloudiness as the porous holes from the ice mold itself then drip down to the bottom of the Ice Cube mold forming another block of ice that is noticeable more cloudy. I tend to use this block of ice as well because there’s no real point in wasting another piece of ice that took hours to make.

That being said, I did notice that my drinks do hold up considerably well compared to the ice from the ice maker in my fridge.

Compared to regular freezer ice, you can tell clear differences

Where it normally takes 3-4 blocks of ice cubes to cool down my bourbon, Peak Ice Work’s larger ice cube not only stops the hassle of maneuvering ice so I can taste my drink, but the ice melts remarkably slower which I enjoy.

But there are plenty of other options for Peak Ice Works if you find that the Ice Cube Mold isn’t necessarily for you. They have an everyday ice tray that makes smaller cubed ice which I really enjoy, as well as sphere and crushed ice to impress your family and friends when they come over. It’s always nice to have a bit of variety in the simplest form, more specifically, ice. If you do not have a fancy fridge with the ability to make unique crushed and shaved ice, Peak Ice Works just as well, keeps your beverages cooler for longer, and you can get the entire set for only $74.00 (or $12.00 separately, minus the clear ice mold which will cost you $35.00).

For more information on the Peak Ice Works collection, head over to W&P Designs today.

Source: Manufacturer supplied review unit

What I Like: Last long in beverages; Set-up process is super simple

What Needs Improvement: Clear Ice Mold may take up needed space in the freezer

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