Beetology Has Made Me a Beetliever

Forgive the bad pun in the title but I couldn’t resist. In all seriousness, when we were invited to review Beetology drinks I wasn’t all that enthused about an organic version of V8. The bottles arrived on Thursday, and I’m writing this review already because I’ve already finished half the samples!

Beetology Has Made Me a Beetliever

Beetology’s pitch is that they offer a simple, healthy drink made from a beet juice base and other organic ingredients. According to their press release:

According to Charles Herzog, Chief Beetologist and VP of New Business Development at Kayco, “The movement toward simple, easy-to-understand, healthy ingredients is now in the mainstream. Beetology beverages contain no more than five ingredients – nothing but organic, natural, cold-pressed juice – perfectly blended for a crisp and unique flavor in every sip. The pure farm-to-table pedigree means you can taste the difference.”

All five varieties are 100% non-GMO, U.S.D.A. Certified Organic, and Certified Fair Trade. The 100% juice blends contain no preservatives, additives, artificial colors, or flavors. They are also non-soy, non-dairy, and certified kosher, making them perfect for anyone, any time.

Best of all is the way beets harmonize with other natural juices. Every perfectly-crafted Beetology blend packs a crisp, delicious punch that’s refreshing, nuanced, and not too sweet. Varieties include Beet + Lemon + Ginger, Beet + Veggie, Beet + Tropical Fruit, Beet + Berry, and Beet + Cherry.

So these are juices you can drink without feeling a bit of guilt about your impact on the environment. Moreover, at only 100 calories,  they’re relatively healthy for a juice. (Though being a juice they’re quite high in sugar.) Most importantly, these drinks are delicious. I like beets, but I’ve never sat down to a plate of  roasted beets and thought “Damn, this would be amazing in liquid form.” But here is a plate of roasted beets in liquid form and… to my pleasant surprise… it is awesome. The beet flavor really does complement the other fruit flavors well. Kayco did an excellent job making a variety of flavors covering an extensive range. For example, there are sweet varieties such as the cherry flavor as well as sharper, more savory floors such as ginger and lemon. Organic, GMO free, tasty and… at $3.99, they’re reasonably priced and in-line with other organic juices.

Beetology Has Made Me a Beetliever

I’m not much of a juice drinker, but these are good enough that I would keep them on hand for those times I want something sweet. They’re a bit sugary, but they also have enough flavor and substance to them to complement a light meal. I paired the ginger and lemon Beetology with some cheese and crackers for lunch the other day and it made for a light, flavorful, and satisfying meal. And while I did not try it, I imagine the savory flavors would make a fun spin on a Bloody Mary cocktail!

Beetology Has Made Me a Beetliever

Beetology boasts about their organic ingredients, but, thankfully, they don’t use the word “superfoods”. These drinks are a healthier alternative to regular juice, and they are more convenient than doing all that juicing yourself!

Source: Manufacturer supplied sample pack

What I Liked: Delicious!, multiple flavors, savory option would make an amazing cocktail.

What Needs Improvement: Hard to find online, check your local health food or organic food retailer.

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