Meet RapidX and Their Wide Range of “Products for Modern Life”

One of the coolest things about CES is getting to know new companies such as RapidX. They have two key products they are showing off this year, one for the home and the other for use in the car, and we thought it would be fun to take a quick look at both, as well as one additional RapidX product.

Meet RapidX and Their Wide Range of "Products for Modern Life"

The two new product that was just announced is the RapidX X5+ charger and the RapidX X4Home. Both offer the latest technology and product designs “for enjoyment On the Go, at Home or in the Office.”

As Ammar Adra, founder, and president of RapidX notes:

Electronic devices are an integral part of modern daily life, and we feel they should enhance our lives even if they are necessities. We listen to our customers and create products that respond to their needs, and elevate their experiences with elegant design & inspired technology while providing convenience and versatility.

The X5 Plus

Meet RapidX and Their Wide Range of "Products for Modern Life"

A multi-device high-speed car charger, the X5 Plus is a car-charging solution with a detachable USB Cable and 5 USB port. The ports include a QC 3.0, Qualcomm Quick Charge port, a USB Type-C port, and 3 USB Type-A ports. As the company explains:

Whether you’re traveling with family, taking a road trip with friends, or driving with co-workers, the X5+ is the perfect solution for charging on the go.

X5+ builds on the success of the company’s X5 car charger and takes it further to meet the new demands and charging designs of 2018 products. Like the X5, the X5 Plus has a compact and sleek form factor and a color-accented, rubberized finish. The X5, however, features a detachable USB cable.

Meet RapidX and Their Wide Range of "Products for Modern Life"

What makes the X5+ stand out is its newly designed 3-port detachable hub. That means front seat passengers can charge their devices using the USB charger tangle-free while the detachable hub can be removed and stored until it is needed.

Meet RapidX and Their Wide Range of "Products for Modern Life"

When it is, the hub can be connected and used by additional passengers in the back. When that need arises, you simply reattach the 3-[tps_header][/tps_header][tps_header][/tps_header]port detachable hub with its 5-foot extension cable and, in an instant, there are five different charging ports so everyone in the car can charge their devices at the same time.

Meet RapidX and Their Wide Range of "Products for Modern Life"

TheX5 Plus offers:

  • A fast, powerful and streamlined option for all your devices
  • 2 USB priority ports in the front seat, including a QC 3.0 port for fast charging, and a Type-A USB port
  • A back-USB hub featuring three ports, 1 USB Type-C port for charging a laptop or any Type-C device, and 2 USB Type-A ports

The X4Home

Meet RapidX and Their Wide Range of "Products for Modern Life"

The X4Home follows a similar approach but, as the name suggests, is designed for home or office use. It features 4 Ports including 2 USB-A ports, 1 QC 3.0 QualComm Quick Charge, and a 1 USB Type-C Port for a laptop or Type-C device.

The home charging solution offers a 24V charging station, which is lower voltage than most comparable 110-240V charging stations on the market.

Meet RapidX and Their Wide Range of "Products for Modern Life"

As the company explains:

The X4Home was designed as a charging station for the home or office. This unique charging station features a slim and compact solution, which is perfect for the family to curl up on the couch together and read, surf the internet, play games, or watch TV all while charging their devices. The X4Home is also ideal for the office keeping you and all your devices organized.

The versatility of the X4Home comes from its array of charging ports and its extra-long 6-foot cord. The black-alloy finish on the slim charging “head” means it won’t become the centerpiece of the room but simply sit to the side and get its job done.

Meet RapidX and Their Wide Range of "Products for Modern Life"


Also, the X4 Home can also be in countries using 240V outlets.

It is worth noting that, “the X4Home was designed with a Lower Voltage Station. The X4 Home is a 24V power station, which is below the 50V+ hazardous safety and standard regulations.”

There are two other RapidX products worthy of note in this brief roundup.

The PowX Outlet+USB

Meet RapidX and Their Wide Range of "Products for Modern Life"

The $14.99 PowX Outlet+USB is a space-saving wall adapter that turns a standard 110V outlet into a 110V outlet PLUS USB. This space-saving design means you can use one outlet for whatever device is plugged into it AND charge a USB device without the need to replace outlets or add some large, bulky adapter that fits over the entire outlet plate. It puts out 2.4A, has a smooth, rubberized design, is available in three colors and no installation is required. It is, in fact, so small that two PowX can be used with a standard 2- socket outlet.

Meet RapidX and Their Wide Range of "Products for Modern Life"

From RapidX:

Make over your electrical outlets without losing space with PowX. Instead of occupying an entire outlet for one USB charger, the PowX gives you the convenience of having a 2.4A USB port alongside your wall outlet. This gives you the option of simultaneously charging your mobile device while freeing up the outlet for other electronic devices. You can convert all of your wall outlets into the PowX while avoiding difficult installations. Simply plug the device into the socket, and you’re ready to go! This sleek, smooth design is available in three color options, bringing both attractiveness and efficiency to your wall.

Perhaps best of all, the PowX is under $15. Check it out here.

Ferrino XL Chair

Meet RapidX and Their Wide Range of "Products for Modern Life"

Finally, let’s take a look at the RapidX Ferrino XL Chair. If you have ever been sitting in your car and thought, “This front bucket seat is so comfortable, I wish I could rip it out of the car and use it at my desk…” this is the chair for you. Priced at $397, the Ferrino XL is currently $349.99 on the product page.

RapidX has this top say about it:

Most chairs on the market are stuffed with soft, yet unsupportive material, promoting back, neck, and shoulder pain. The Ferrino XL, on the other hand, is never stuffed, but constructed with a dense polyurethane foam core, orthopedically designed to support your spine. To increase comfort, the Ferrino XL features 3D-adjustable armrests that can be raised or lowered by three inches, slide forward and sideways, and be positioned in three different angles to suit your needs. Additionally, the Ferrino XL’s power nap friendly backrest reclines from 85 to 155 degrees, while the seat tilts in five locking positions.

Meet RapidX and Their Wide Range of "Products for Modern Life"

The Ferrino XL was indeed inspired by professional harness bucket seats. It may not look like it but the unusual exterior conceals an orthopedically and ergonomically designed core. Similar to the company’s original Ferrino chair, the Ferrino XL offers a wider, more sturdy seat with extra padding that holds up to 350 pounds.

The chair features:

  • Diamond-patterned backrest with color stitching
  • Carbon Fiber on rear of backrest
  • Backrest reclines from 85-155°
  • Locking mechanism tilts seat into 5 positions
  • Five-point base on 3-inch rim-styled casters
  • Orthopedically and ergonomically designed polyurethane foam core
  • Durable and stylized PVC leather
  • Adjustable and removable neck and lumbar support pillows
  • 3D-adjustable PVC armrests with three directional settings

I spent some time over the last day checking out all of RapidX’s products and I have to admit I’m intrigued. We’re looking forward to checking some of them out in person.

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