The Gourmia Electric Egg Cooker Makes Boiled Eggs a Breeze

When it comes to great home and kitchen accessories that make cooking and meal prep more efficient, I always look to Gourmia. They have everything from Sous Vide Immersion Circulators to pressure cookers, so there’s something for everyone. Which brings us to the Gourmia Electric Egg Cooker; it does exactly what its name implies.

The Gourmia Electric Egg Cooker is a swiss-army knife of egg cookers, but the premise here is to boil your eggs evenly, efficiently and most importantly without having to sit and watch them. So if you’re a fan of deviled eggs like I am, then this will be a must-have for you. Basically, you place water into the metal tray portion of the Egg Cooker and stack up to six eggs above that, turn on the switch, and in minutes your eggs will boil evenly.

What I enjoy the most about this method versus boiling over the stove, is that since the eggs cook from the bottom up, it not only makes the eggs easier to crack open and peel, but it has its own internal timer to let you know when the eggs are done. No more setting timers on your phone, and no need to guess proper cook times!

The Gourmia GEC175 can also be used to poach your eggs if that’s what you desire (I’m personally not a fan). There’s an included steamer tray which is handy (although you cannot use the egg functionality at the same time), so if you’d like to steam veggies or bread, you can with the included shelf that is interchangeable with the egg tray.

In practice, I love using the Gourmia Electric Egg Cooker if I’m only making a few eggs for myself, so if you’re looking to do family style for more than say 3-4 people, this may not be for you — unless you don’t mind waiting until for each set of eggs to cook. Despite that, this is a welcome kitchen accessory that makes cooking a bit easier for my home. At $69.99 you’ll be hard-pressed to find something similar.

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Source: Manufacturer supplied review unit

What I Like: Built in timer notifies you when your eggs have completed cooking; You can use it for more than just eggs

What Needs Improvement: Possibly a bigger 12 egg container model?

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