ComfortAdjust Pillow Will Prevent You from Waking with a Stiff Neck

How much of your day is spent with your head bent over a screen? And how often have you awoken with a tweaked neck because your head was angled wrong as you slept on your side? It’s pretty obvious that most of us don’t give our necks the respect and care they deserve; the ComfortAdjust Pillow wants to help.

According to Enduring Wellness, the company behind the ComfortAdjust Pillow, during the day we can put up to 60 pounds strain on our necks depending on our activities. If you go to sleep on a pillow that doesn’t offer the correct support for your head and neck, then your neck never really gets a break; over time (or sometimes suddenly) this can lead to neck pain.

ComfortAdjust Pillow Will Prevent You from Waking with a Stiff Neck

How many times have you awoken with neck pain, thinking that you tweaked your neck somehow or “slept on it wrong”? It’s pretty common, right? Well, ComfortAdjust says that their pillow can fix that.

Sized to fit into a standard or queen pillowcase, the ComfortAdjust Pillow starts as a thick urethane foam pillow with two differently built sides — one for side sleepers and one for back sleepers. There is a hollow area on the edge that will butt up against your neck — whichever side of the pillow you’re sleeping on.

Inside that hollow area, there is a tubular foam Alignment Core which can be hand-adjusted to support softer or firmer support. When you aren’t actively adjusting the firmness of the Alignment Core, you can tuck it back into the removable and washable zippered pillow cover.

Think of the ComfortAdjust Pillow as a firm pillow with an integrated and adjustable neck support roll. The pillow itself is probably firmer than what some of you might be used to, and that is by design.

The pillow measures approximately 27″ long by 16″ deep by 6″ thick; if you’ve ever used a memory foam pillow before, then you’ll be familiar with the squishy yet firm sponginess and how the pillow is a bit heavier than the typical plush or down-filled pillow.

As I mentioned, there are two distinct sides to the pillow; let’s take a look at those.

ComfortAdjust Pillow Will Prevent You from Waking with a Stiff Neck

Do you alternate between sleeping on your back and side? Or do you prefer to sleep flat on your back? ComfortAdjust Pillow can handle that.

ComfortAdjust Pillow Will Prevent You from Waking with a Stiff Neck

If you mainly sleep on your back or you typically fall asleep on your back but wake up on your side, then this is the side of the pillow you’ll want to sleep on. It has built-in ledges for proper spine alignment when you’re on your sides, but in the center, there is the perfect contoured spot for resting the back of your head. The Alignment Core is at the bottom (where your neck would go), and you can adjust it between firm and soft so that you wake up with a happy neck. ComfortAdjust says it can take 5 – 7 days for your neck to adapt to sleeping with proper support, so if it feels weird at first, don’t give up.

ComfortAdjust Pillow Will Prevent You from Waking with a Stiff Neck

Or do you prefer to sleep on your side? ComfortAdjust Pillow can handle that, too.

I’m a hard-core side-sleeper. I like to have a firm pillow under my head and a fluffy pillow that is long enough for me to hug at the top with the lower end between my knees. Heaven. The thing is, I’ve learned the hard way that if my pillow doesn’t offer the right support, I can end up with everything from a sore neck to a sore jaw and headaches.

ComfortAdjust Pillow Will Prevent You from Waking with a Stiff Neck

The ComfortAdjust Pillow is thick enough and firm enough that my neck feels properly supported, but at the same time, it is soft enough that I don’t feel like I’m sleeping on a rock.

True story: I once paid $75 for a firm pillow that felt just like that — ugh.

Because of the Alignment Core, I can adjust the edge of the pillow that’s next to my neck so that it is just firm enough to properly support my head, but not so hard that it feels like I’m sleeping with my neck on a pipe.

ComfortAdjust Pillow Will Prevent You from Waking with a Stiff Neck

As a side-sleeper, I can’t overstate how important it is to have a good thick and firm pillow under your head, yet it needs to have just the right touch of softness. There’s nothing worse than sleeping with your neck curved and your head on an incline, it can lead to all sorts of aches and pains. Luckily, I’m finding the ComfortAdjust Pillow to be one of the most comfortable pillows I’ve ever tried. My head doesn’t flop down toward the bed, and I don’t have to constantly readjust my pillow to add bulk against my neck and under my head; this all adds up to a more restful sleep.

While every other pillow on the market loses support during the night, our integrated neck roll provides optimal support night after night. Everybody’s different. That’s why the ComfortAdjust™ Pillow lets you choose your level of comfort and support with the turn of a dial!

So what are the main things you should take away regarding the ComfortAdjust Pillow? If you are a side sleeper, you’ll find that this pillow is thick enough that you won’t be sleeping with your neck bent and your head on an incline — your spine will stay properly aligned. If you are a back sleeper, there is a perfect well in the center of the pillow to support the back of your head without it falling too far back; your neck will have the proper support, too. Worth a second mention is that there’s no weird memory foam odor like you might have experienced with other “therapeutic” pillows. The zippered fabric pillow cover is made of machine washable ADAPTIVE fabric, which keeps your head cool.

I’ve been using the ComfortAdjust Pillow for a few nights, and my sleep has been so comfortable and restive that I wanted to let you know about it as soon as possible. As of this writing, there are still 18 days left on their Kickstarter campaign; I’ve put in an order for a second pillow so that Kev can have one; I like it that much.

ComfortAdjust Pillow prices start at $55, and it is available on Kickstarter. Retail after the campaign will be $110 per pillow — still worth it.

Source: Manufacturer supplied review sample

What I Like: Thick enough for proper side sleeping support; Adjustable neck roll for soft to firm support; Can be used for back sleepers and hybrid sleepers as well as side sleepers; Removable and washable zippered pillow cover; Memory foam pillow does not have any odor at all; ADAPTIVE fabric pillow cover keeps your head cool

What Needs Improvement: Nothing

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