RapidX X4 Home: The Perfect Mini USB Charger for Home and Travel

RapidX X4 Home: The Perfect Mini USB Charger for Home and Travel

If you need a multi-port USB Type-A and Type-C charger that is compact enough for travel yet powerful enough for regular home use, look no further than the RapidX X4 Home. With three Type-A ports, one Type-C port, the X4 Home offers high-speed charging from each port with a total output of 33W.

Available in a black or white alloy finish, the X4 Home is a slim multi-port charger that packs a charging wallop in its ~4.25″ long by 0.8″ wide body.

The X4 Home has a 6′ long hard-wired cable ending with a wall plug; there’s even a removable stand included (with a piece of sticky tape) that can be mounted on just about any flat surface to keep the charger from scooting.

RapidX X4 Home: The Perfect Mini USB Charger for Home and Travel

The RapidX X4 Home is discreet enough to not look out of place if you decide to mount it in your home or office, but I most like that it is one of the smallest multi-port chargers I’ve yet seen, which makes it perfect for bringing along on trips. The X4 Home features:

  • 4 port charger including 3 USB ports and 1 Type-C port PD
  • USB-A ports: 5V/2.4A max each port, total 3A for 3 ports
  • Output: Total 33W
  • Input: 100-240V for charging head, 14V max for back USB ports side
  • Includes a portable stand that can be mounted on any flat surface
  • Extra-long-6-foot cord for added flexibility
  • Power adapter converts down the 110V from the power source, sending only 14V to the charging hub while maintaining full charging speed

Sometimes it’s the little things that make a big impression, and that’s what the X4 Home has done. It’s able to do high-speed Android or iPhone charging through it’s USB Type-C port, and it’s even powerful enough to charge my 12″ MacBook overnight — which means one less charger to pack when traveling (yay!).

RapidX X4 Home: The Perfect Mini USB Charger for Home and Travel

The RapidX X4 Home is a great solution for charging multiple devices at once on home and on the road; If you travel a lot, you’ll like how much smaller it is that other multi-port chargers. If you have phones with high-speed charging capabilities, you’ll like that this charger lets you take advantage of that. Yes, you need one! 😉

The RapidX X4 Home retails for $39.99, and it is available in black or white directly from the manufacturer and from other retailers including Amazon (use our affiliate link for a bit of savings).

Source: Manufacturer supplied review sample

What I Like: Compact, portable, and perfect for use at home and while traveling; High speed charging for phones and tablets; Three 2.4A USB-A ports and one

What Needs Improvement: Nothing

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