Unruly Cables and Cords? Take Two Apple(cores) and Call Me In the Morning


Cords are a pain. Seriously. They are a royal pain. You got your headphone cords.  You got your sync cords. You got your power cords.  You got your… Never mind, you get the idea. The list goes on and on. Well here is one solution that is inexpensive, effective and a lot of fun too.

The Applecore is a simple system for getting your cords in line. They come in small, medium and large so that headphones, sync and computer cables and power cords can all be effectively tamed. Better still they comes in a variety of colors. AND, and this is the best part, at $1.99, $2.99 and $4.99 respectively they are affordable.

At that price you might want to pick up one in each size. Or, if you are like me, a whole lot more than that. Yup, I just went and ordered a bunch of Applecores. Unruly cords look out… Your days are numbered.

You can check them out here.

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About the Author

Dan Cohen
Having a father who was heavily involved in early laser and fiber-optical research, Dan grew up surrounded by technology and gadgets. Dan’s father brought home one of the very first video games when he was young and Dan remembers seeing a “pre-release” touchtone phone. (When he asked his father what the “#” and “*” buttons were his dad said, “Some day, far in the future, we’ll have some use for them.”) Technology seemed to be in Dan’s blood but at some point he took a different path and ended up in the clergy. His passion for technology and gadgets never left him. Dan is married to Raina Goldberg who is also an avid user of Apple products. They live in New Jersey with their golden doodle Nava.