Lenovo Smartens Their Devices and Your Home with a Slate of New Tablets, Computers, and More!

The folks at Lenovo pop out so many amazing devices, I’m starting to think they never sleep. Every few months, they’re taking products that already made you go “Whoa…” and making them even better. New Yoga laptops, tablets, all-in-ones, and monitors are redefining what to expect from your computing arsenal!

Let’s start with the laptops. First up are some new AI features for the Yoga line. You’ll be able to get Alexa to activate even when the laptop is locked or asleep, as long as the screen is out, they’re incorporating the same smart home visual aides that other Alexa-enabled devices offer, and you can now speak to Alexa in both German and English without changing settings.

Lenovo Yoga C940 15″

So far, the Yoga C940 and C740 will feature the new Alexa skills. The C940 also has a soundbar that rotates with the hinge, taking full advantage of the Dolby Atmos sound. Meanwhile the S740 rocks DolbyVision for a bright and clear entertainment experience (so, basically, the only laptop where you can watch Carnival Row without squinting). And the C740 has a built-in fingerprint reader. There’s an Alexa-enabled Yoga laptop for pretty much any and all of your needs. Plus, if you’re not an Alexa fan, the C640 will feature Cortana as the digital assistant, as well as up to 20 hours of battery life thanks to a 13in screen and optimized CPU performance. The C940 starts at $1,249.99, S740 at $1,449.99, C740 at $869.99, and the C640 at $849.99, all starting in October 2019.

If you’re not much of a convertible laptop fan, there’s also the ThinkBook line; it comes in 14 and 15″ screens, with an eye towards privacy and budget, perfect for individual or small business use. The ThinkBooks start at a budget-friendly $649.99 this November 2019.

Lenovo also wants to make your smart home even smarter, with new Lenovo Yoga Smart Tab and Smart Tab M8 that can double as tablets as well as smart home hubs. Grab it for an on the go experience, dock it so you can look up YouTube instructions on how to chop an onion while also controlling your thermostat.

Lenovo Smart Display 7

If you’re looking for more of a dedicated hub, there’s also the Smart Display 7. Smart Tab M8 starts at $119.99 and the Smart Display 7 for $129.99; both will be out in October 2019.

If you watched Endgame and wanted to get even deeper in the experience, Lenovo is using their Star Wars AR experience to bring Marvel to life with the MARVEL Dimension of Heroes.

Between Mirage AR Marvel-themed augmented reality and Disney+ rolling out this fall, you’re going to want to get that Smart Tab M8 set up so you can obtain food without leaving the house or pausing your game. Mirage AR will cost $249.99, starting September 6th.

Finally, Lenovo has a lot of new monitors, from stylish to utilitarian. There are the Q27q and Q24i which both feature near-edgeless displays and TÜV Rhineland Eye Comfort standards for less eyestrain. You could also consider the ThinkVision S28u-10 that not only has the same eye comfort standards as the Q line, it also has a low blue light solution so your long work hours won’t leave you with a longer-lasting headache. Q27q starts at $299.99 this September, Q24i for $189.99 in October, and price/availability is TBD on the ThinkVision.

And if you need any help once you’ve outfitted your home with Lenovo products, check out their Lenovo Premium Care, which offers 24-hour support via phone, email, or chat. This way a printer dilemma at 10 pm doesn’t turn into a 5 am Starbucks run because you’ve been awake all night and you STILL haven’t printed that coupon for a discounted oil change. Pricing varies.

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