Calm Your Brain with Ebb Therapeutics Wearable Sleep Tech

Many people have trouble sleeping due to a racing brain. This racing mind is caused by increased activity of the frontal cortex of the brain. Ebb Therapeutics is debuting its first-of-its-kind technology at CES that promises to calm the racing mind and improving sleep.

Ebb with Precision Cooling Technology is a product that cools the frontal cortex through a fluid-filled headband. By maintaining optimal temperature ranges, the mind is calmed leading to a deeper and more restorative sleep.

Born from decades of brain-imaging research and data from thousands of sleepless people, we know that overactive mind can be quieted by cooling the frontal cortex (area behind the forehead). Ebb gently and continuously cools your forehead to the optimal temperature range, allowing your body to rest and sleep.

No drugs, no side-effects, no interference with other devices you might be using, and no toxins. Ebb appears to be a simple way to get a better night’s sleep. The Ebb sells for $499 which includes a year’s worth of supplies.

via Ebb Therapeutics

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