Logitech G Wants You to Express Yourself with the Logitech G Color Collection

After years of computer peripherals being black, boring, and “blah,” Logitech G has gone all-in on fun with their new G-Series Color Collection. Everyone is looking to show their personality these days, whether it’s during zoom calls or streaming on Twitch. The G-Series Color Collection features wireless headsets, gaming mice, and a mechanical gaming keyboard in new, vibrant colors.

Logitech G’s G-Series Color Collection is an exciting step forward for gaming peripherals that have traditionally been super boring, aside for some RGB lights here and there. The Logitech G733 wireless headset will come in four colors, including white, blue, lilac, and black, while the Logitech G203 wired gaming mouse and the G305 wireless gaming mouse will be available in blue and lilac. Additionally, Logitech G has announced a white version of the Logitech G915 TKL wireless mechanical gaming keyboard.

While being able to express your individuality is all well and good, the gaming peripherals need to perform, right? The good news is that the new G-Series Color Collection peripherals are packed with great features and the latest technology to help you game at your best. While no accessory will improve your reaction time, a good headset with surround sound may allow you to hear your enemies footsteps behind you just a little sooner.

Logitech G was kind enough to send me a color pack, chock full of color-coordinated goodies celebrating the release of the Color Collection, including the centerpiece G733 LIGHTSPEED Wireless Gaming Headset, the G203 LIGHTSYNC Wired Gaming Mouse, and the G915 TKL wireless mechanical gaming keyboard in white.

The Logitech G G733 LIGHTSPEED wireless gaming headsetLogitech G G733 LIGHTSPEED wireless gaming headset is a feature-packed headset that comes in White, Blue, Lilac, and Black. It weighs just 278g, so it’s extremely light and comfortable on your head. The suspension headbands are colorful, reversible, and swappable as well, so you can truly personalize your look. The earpads are made with soft dual-layer memory foam that conforms to your head and makes it feel like you’re wearing a cloud. Logitech G even released a pack of playful, foam mic covers that can be added to your microphone even further to accessorize your headset.

From my testing, I can confirm that the G733 is extremely comfortable, and the sound quality is superb. The 2.4 GHz LIGHTSPEED wireless range was great; I could use it almost all over my house. The 29-hour battery life was proven to be correct, as it is still going after many many hours of testing. The programmable RGB lighting is a really neat feature as well, though I don’t see a ton of use for it myself, so I keep it turned off.

The G733 features 40mm PRO-G drivers for great clarity and booming bass with DTS Headphone:X 2.0 surround sound, allowing you to hear which direction your enemies are coming from while the Blue VO!CE microphone technology will enable you to tune the sound of your voice to eliminate noise, smooth volume levels, and more. For this reason, The G733 is an excellent choice for podcasters and streamers alike. The microphone is also detachable, which is great for people who will be traveling with their headset.

The G733 has a smooth rotating volume wheel on the side, in between the power button and mute buttons. The wheel and mute button are textured, so you can tell them apart from the power button without looking at them. Overall, the G733 feels like an extremely well-designed headset, from the lightweight to the sound quality, to the small details. The Logitech G733 retails for $129.99, and it’s my pick for a “step-up” gaming headset just above more affordable, entry-level gaming headsets.

The G203 LIGHTSYNC gaming mouse is an affordable, wired gaming mouse that features a classic design that’s now available in black, white, lilac, and blue. The G203 also has built-in RGB lighting that can be programmed to match your G733, or you can let it do its own thing. The G203 has six programmable buttons that can be configured and saved to the onboard memory and used on any PC.

The design of the G203 is fairly simple; you won’t find anything groundbreaking with it. However, it feels great in your hand and performs well. There are two buttons on the left, near my thumb, a left-click button, a right-click button, a clickable scroll wheel, and a button just below the wheel that allows you to change the DPI on the fly. The built-in gaming-grade sensor has an adjustable DPI between 200-8,000 DPI. The G203 weighs abut 85g and feels great in my hand. While it’s not the showiest mouse on the block, it gets the job done and allows you to let your personality shine without breaking the bank. The Logitech G203 wired gaming mouse retails for $39.99.

Finally, Logitech G also updated its G915 TKL Tenkeyless LIGHTSPEED Wireless Mechanical Gaming Keyboard with a white version, allowing you to have another option other than the bleak black color most keyboards come in. The G915 TKL delivers 40 hours of non-stop gaming on a full charge and has RGB technology to react to in-game action, audio, and screen color. There’s also a dedicated volume wheel and media keys for quick and easy control over video, audio, and streaming.

The design of the G915 TKL is compact, due to the loss of the number pad on the right-hand side, which isn’t often used for video gaming. The USB receiver can be stored in the back of the keyboard for portability, which is a nice touch. The G915 TKL provides a super-fast 1ms report rate and optimized wireless connectivity for fast, lag-free performance. The switches built into the G915 TKL are Logitech G’s low-profile GL switches, which are half the height of a standard mechanical key switch, which allows for a 25% faster actuation and a better typing experience.

The G915 TKL’s rechargeable battery gives you a nice 40 hours of battery life while at maximum brightness. It’ll recharge incredibly fast in 3 hours, which is seriously impressive. The LIGHTSYNC RGB technology allows for per-key customization, personalized animations, and in-game integrations using the Logitech G-Hub software. The G915 TKL is sleek and thin; the top plate is made out of 5052 aluminum alloy, which makes it strong and durable.

I’m a big fan of the G915 TKL, even though I don’t love wireless keyboards. It feels great to type on, and the responsiveness is excellent. It feels incredibly well-built, and it’s fun to game with. While I prefer my keyboards with the number pad, the G915 TKL is a great choice for those who just want to play PC games. The fact that it comes in a stunning white color is a nice bonus and great for those who want to show off their individuality.

I’m incredibly impressed by the Logitech G Color Collection. The fact that Logitech G went out of their way to create a whole collection of colorful PC peripherals to allow their fans to express themselves is lovely and will hopefully be the start of a trend.

You can check out the entire Logitech G Color Collection at LogitechG.com.

Source: Manufacturer supplied review sample

What I Like: Thoughtful design; Beautiful, colorful options; Great battery life; Excellent sound quality; Above average build quality

What Needs Improvement: Not much that I could see


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