You Never Know Where Master & Dynamic’s Amazing MW65 Headphones Will Show Up

Greg reviewed the very first pair of Master & Dynamic headphones. He swore by them and, in the years since, Judie and I have also become fans. The company’s MW65 Over-the-Ear headphones are among the best ANC headphones I’ve tried. It’s why they are one of only a few items we have ever designated as a Gear Diary Editor’s Choice. Apparently, we aren’t the only ones who appreciate them.

Master & Dynamic

The Master & Dynamic MW65 headphones were an update to the MW60 over-the-ear headphones. The MW60 had been one of my favorite pair of headphones until I got the MW65 for review. The latter offering quickly became my go-to headphones. There are several reasons for that. Master & Dynamic headphones are built from the best materials and are beautifully crafted. They sound amazing on their own and, unlike some headphones which see degradation in audio quality with ANC turned on, The MW65 headphones sound as good, or even better, with the ANC turned on than when it is off. Finally, like all Master & Dynamic headphones, they have an iconic look that is immediately identifiable.

When Raina and I watched the premiere of the new television show, The Equalizer, I couldn’t help but notice that the show’s computer whiz-kid was using a familiar-looking pair of headphones. In fact, the headphones played a significant role in increasing the moment’s dramatic feel as he took the headphones off with a flourish before turning to speak with Queen Latifa’s character.

At one point, I described Master & Dynamic’s headphones as “jewelry for your ears.” This is why. Most headphones are a combination of plastic and faux leather. They are nondescript in appearance and, sadly, that adjective applied to the audio quality.  The Master & Dynamic MW65 headphones are the opposite. They are constructed from metal with lambskin-wrapped memory foam ear-cups. They have an easy-to-identify design language. And they sound fantastic. Check out all of their offerings here.

Oh, and as far as the show goes… it’s better than I expected it would be.


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