Master & Dynamic’s New MW50+ Headphones Let You Choose How You Wear Them

This week, Master & Dynamic released their most ambitious headphones to date, the MW50’s, a versatile on-ear or over-ear pair of headphones, depending on how you choose to wear them.

Already boasting a great design, the MW50+ are a bit of an update from the regular MW50 model that was released back in 2016 but with a new twist that allow a few features that every user will love. In many cases when shopping for headphones, the biggest gripe you’ll have is choosing between on-ear or over-ear for your listening experience. Well now, you won’t ever have those issues as the MW50+ allow you to swap between the two settings so you can truly have the best of both worlds.

Available for $399, the MW50’s are a wireless pair of headphones that’s earpads are essentially interchangeable, something that Master & Dynamic is already well-known for. Previously, the brand has used the method of allowing users to replace their magnetic earpads for their particular brand of headphones purchased if the got ruined or worn, so I know I’ll welcome the fact that I can alternate between two different earpads, as I listen to music differently in airports than I would at work.

Not much has changed in terms of specs here, you’ll still get the 40mm Beryllium drivers and the Bluetooth aptX compatibility, both giving you great sound on top of 100 feet of wireless range. The internal battery is said to last up to 16 hours, or as the company states specifically: the length of a flight from NYC to Hong Kong. One “Dynamic” feature I appreciate though is the brands use of USB-C charging for quick charging… something that the MW50 model lacks.

“From Day One we’ve been obsessed with designing the perfect headphones for the creative community,” said Jonathan Levine, Founder and CEO of Master & Dynamic. “We understand how these professionals live, play, and relax, and wanted to develop a product that could move with them throughout the day. Now, for the first time, the decision is not about on-ear versus over-ear, but simply which color.

Master & Dynamic has made a name for themselves in the audio industry, with awesome audio quality, on top of form and function, so the MW50+ should without a doubt be a pair of headphones in your checkout bin. Available in silver metal/Brown leather, silver metal/black leather, and black metal/black leather, you can pre-order yourself a pair today by heading over to

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