Spotify Stream On Event Shares What’s Next for Spotify with Exciting Podcast Updates

Spotify has become the go-to music and podcast streaming service for many with good reason. Breaking the traditional recording industry model and making the release of new material more accessible and monetizable for musicians and content creators, the service has made it possible for unknown talent to break out and for established talent to get their material out to even more listeners. Whether you use Spotify Free or Spotify Premium, you’ll be interested in today’s Spotify Stream On event.

Spotify Stream On Event

With a reach of 345 million users, including 155 million subscribers, across 93 markets, Spotify has been helping listeners discover new talent since its inception. But Spotify does more than that. It also gives creators the tools they need to introduce and solidify themselves with the world’s largest audience. Here are some of the highlights from today’s Spotify Stream On event:

Spotify will soon be launching in 85 new markets and in 36 new languages. Some of the new markets include countries in Africa, the impact of which was addressed by Burna Boy.

Here are some other worldwide artists talking about what this new reach will mean not just for them but for listeners who are interested in discovering new music.

Some of the biggest Spotify Stream On event’s announcements were for artists and content creators. If you’re an artist, Spotify has new creator tools available. Halsey was spotlighted talking about using Spotify’s Canvas with her songs.

Spotify is adding exclusive, world-renowned storytellers to its platform. Some of the exclusive podcast content will include Renegades: Born in the USA from President Barack Obama and Bruce Springsteen.

Batman Unburied is part of Spotify’s multi-year partnership with Warner Bros and DC.

Here are some of the featured podcast artists, including Prince Harry and Duchess Meghan (Archwell Audio), Brené Brown, Jamelle Hill, Connie Walker, Mischa Euceph, Michelle Obama, Reba McEntire, Ava Duvernay, and others talking about the power of podcasts and using Spotify as their partner.


One of the Spotify Stream On event’s biggest announcements included the introduction of Spotify HiFi. Because sound quality is important to both artists and fans, later this year, Spotify Premium subscribers will be able to upgrade their sound quality to Spotify HiFi. High-quality music streaming has been one of the most requested Spotify user features, and it will enable us to hear our favorite songs in the way artists intended.

Spotify HiFi will deliver CD-quality music in lossless audio format to your device and Spotify Connect-enabled speakers. To that end, Spotify is working with some of the world’s biggest speaker manufacturers to make Spotify HiFi accessible to as many users as possible through Spotify Connect. Spotify HiFi will begin rolling out later this year, and we’ll have more details soon.

Here are Billie Eilish and Finneas talking about that.

The Spotify Stram On event also announced new partnerships with Anchor and WordPress, which will bring new features and revenue capabilities for podcast creators — turning their written content into podcasts.


You can watch the full Spotify Stream On event here; it starts at 12:18.

If you don’t already have Spotify, you can download it for free on your computer, Android, or iOS device. Spotify Premium starts at $4.99 per month after your introductory free month; Premium removes commercials, allows you to download music, and it offers unlimited skips. You can learn more about it here.

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