Break a Vape Habit the Healthy Way with CAPNOS!

Consensus on vaping is mixed, to say the least. On the one hand, it’s almost definitely a harm reduction versus smoking. On the other, it’s unclear if there are other risks, and it still doesn’t break a nicotine dependence. CAPNOS aims to let people keep the oral fixation that comes from vaping but strips away all the health risks!

The CAPNOS Zero system shown with printed instructions.


The CAPNOS Zero was designed by a college student who wanted to break his JUUL habit. He recognized that part of the vaping experience for him was the “throat hit” when he inhaled. You can read more about his story here.

If you’ve ever taken a hit of any substance that you inhale, you know that it can be a satisfying feeling.

CAPNOS Zero recreates that, but with zero nicotine.

Instead, CAPNOS Zero uses a flavored, pressurized air inhaler that re-creates the throat hit with a valve that pops open.

No batteries, no vape juice, just air. You can insert flavor caps for mint, orange, or lavender-flavored air, but there’s no vapor and no addictive chemicals involved.

This means you can hit a CAPNOS Zero anywhere, anytime, to help alleviate the behavioral cravings.

The device itself retails for $24.99, and you can get a bundle pack for $49.99 with the device plus all three flavor caps.

The CAPNOS E-Z kit includes everything you need to get that satisfying draw even more easily than the CAPNOS Zero.


You can opt for the original CAPNOS Zero, or if you prefer more of a mouth pull instead of a more direct lung pull, you might enjoy the newer $24.99 CAPNOS E-Z (same idea, slightly easier on the inhale).

CAPNOS says the flavor caps should last about two weeks, so the bundle sets you up nicely and puts you on a path for a newer, healthier you!

You can learn more about and order the CAPNOS Zero here or the CAPNOS E-Z here.

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