Double the DualCor = Double the Fun!

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Double the DualCor = Double the Fun! Listen to this article

I just received a brand new DualCor cPC with updated hardware and software. I believe that this is considered version 0.9, which means that the release model should follow shortly.

I’ll share the unboxing with you now, and post some of the new features later. :-)

It’s still a plain cardboard box, so it’s still an engineering sample and not the retail version.

One little bit of paperwork which details network and connection settings.

Why is it that anytime I am opening a new gadget, the anticipation seems to just grow – even when I know what is coming?

Inside are the DualCor cPC, the Ambicon CF WiFi wireless card, the AC charger and the mini-VGA dongle. The leather Rhinoskin case is hidden under the cPC’s compartment….The front…and the back.

It is charging now, and next I’ll need to reload everything from the old model to the new.

I guess I know how I will be spending much of my weekend. ;-)

More later! :mrgreen:

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