The 256MB Ikura Sushi Memory Disk Review

It should be no surprise that because I live in the middle of dry and dusty West Texas, I don’t often get to partake in good sushi. One night while I was talking to G-A of Akihabara news, he was lamenting that there was no good meat in Japan. I assume he wasn’t talking about Kobe beef, but he was basically making the remark because I am in cattle country. 😉

So I smarted back that at least he had good sushi, and he said no problem, he would send me some. Yeah, right!

And sure enough, he did…

About a week later I had a package from G-A’s webstore, GeekStuff4U, that contained an Ikura Sushi. Not only is this miniature sushi a work of art, it is also a 256MB Memory Disk.

Measuring about 3″ long x 1.75″ tall x 1.25″ thick, this is one piece of sushi that although it looks tasty should not be eaten.

I can’t get over how real everything looks – from the “nori” wrapper, to the “cucumber” slices, to the “salmon eggs”. Yum. 😉

Even the “rice” on the bottom of the roll looks realistic.

Hidden inside this epicurean fantasy is a 2.0 USB 256MB flash disk which is compatible with Windows 98 and later, Mac OS 9.0 and later, and Linux 2.4 and later.

You know you want a little nibble…

I transferred a 146MB file loaded with multiple folders of pictures and documents from my computer to the ikura drive, and it took 2 minutes 11 seconds. It’s not exactly lightning fast, but it got the job done.

When the drive is engaged the roe will glow red.

The sushi drive is a bit pricey for the amount of memory contained, it’s not super-sonic fast, and it’s not really packable…but!

Where else can you get such a precious bit of sushi art that won’t go bad and that will service for years in a desktop environment? If you are an ikura sushi fan, then this might just be the thing that will bring a smile to your face…and a growl to your tummy. 😉

The 256MB Ikura Sushi Memory Disk is available directly from GeekStuff4U.
MSRP: $89.45
What I Like: Cutest USB drive I have ever seen!!
What Needs Improvement: Pricey for amount of memory included, not lightning fast, not very portable

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  1. Looks very yummy, indeed.
    Very cool that they rigged the roe to glow.

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