The Vaja MiniSD x2 Case Review

A few weeks ago I had the pleasure of reviewing a Vaja case for my O2 XDA Atom. As we often do, Judie and I were chatting online about Vaja’s cases, and she described them as “yummy” when it came to their deep leather scent. I laughed this off, but after experiencing their case’s wonderful aroma for myself, I can tell you that they indeed do smell yummy! It goes beyond the scent, though. These cases are just outstanding and really are a wonderful way to luxuriously protect your PDA, phone, or MP3 Player.

Enamored by the scent and the quality of the XDA Atom case, I decided to order another from Vaja to complement my device case. As one who carries multiple MiniSD cards with me (I’m one of those who keep their music on a wholly separate card), I decided the logical choice was a MiniSD case. After spending a bit of time pondering my leather color choices and options on the Vaja website, I placed my order and soon received the new case. Ah, the wonderful smell of leather once again flows from my desk!

When my case arrived via FedEx it came in the familiar Vaja white box. Opening it up was a treat as I could already smell the leather and I’m always a sucker for great product presentation.

The MiniSD case is, well, mini! 🙂 The case I ordered is the i-volution x2 which is designed to hold two MiniSD cards. I chose to have the outside of the case in Friar Brown leather while the inside inserts is in Rossa. Oh yeah, it looks good! The case itself isn’t much bigger than the cards themselves, measuring only 1.14″ (w) x 1.77″ (h) x .55″ (d) and is held closed by a set of small magnets.

The case is constructed of two hard plastic shells which are joined by a strip of the Caterina leather used to cover the outside and inside of the case. Vaja did a great job of hiding the seams in the case which speaks to the high quality of their craftsmanship. On the front of the case is the familiar Vaja logo which looks just great.

After unpacking the case I decided to do a comparison of size between it and my Vaja O2 XDA Atom case; this may give you a better idea of the SD case’s nice compact size.

Opening up the case I found the nice Rosso colored leather that I had chosen for my inserts; the contrast with the Friar Brown was striking!

Essentially each half of the case is designed to hold one MiniSD card as shown above. When the cards are fully seated in each slot they are hardly visible but are easily removed with a fingernail on the edge of the card. The slots themselves provide just enough resistance to keep the cards securely in place, but are not so tight that you can’t remove them in a hurry.

I have to say that I love this case as much as I do my other Vaja case. This one is small enough to fit into my pocket so that I can easily change cards in my Atom without having to carry around those plastic snap cases or, worse – a whole pile of them in an old Altoids tin (yeah, I know…. sad). Vaja makes a full line of SD, MiniSD and SIM card (my next purchase) cases for you to choose from for your card storage needs.

The Vaja i-volution MiniSD x2 Case is available from the manufacturer.
MSRP: $30 (US), an additional $10 for a name imprint. Shipping is usually 7-15 days after ordering.
What I Like: Beautiful case that is well constructed of great looking, feeling and smelling leathers.  The case holds the storage cards securely but they are not difficult to remove.
What Needs Improvement: My budget so I can buy more! 🙂


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