Why You NEED a Front-Facing Smartphone Camera

Why You NEED a Front-Facing Smartphone Camera

I discovered this week the ultimate reason for a front-facing camera. No, it wasn’t for a Skype call, or Facetime, or to take a profile picture for a website. See, I was sitting at my desk, eating an everything bagel for lunch, when I had a business associate drop in unexpectedly. Great, except I’d just been eating a bagel full of seeds, and I didn’t want to embarrass myself with a big old poppy seed in my teeth. And the bathrooms in my office are in the hallway past the lobby, so I couldn’t escape to check.

My solution? I fired up my iPhone camera, switched to front view, checked to make sure I was presentable, and then had a successful meeting. If the iPhone could dispense breath mints it would be the perfect business companion!

Have you come up with a creative way to use the iPhone camera? Let us know in the comments!

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9 Comments on "Why You NEED a Front-Facing Smartphone Camera"

  1. Ha! I had a similar realization! Well, actually it was my girlfriend that suggested it to me…I still cant believe I didn’t think of it. Anyway, we were at a store and I was trying on hats (for the winter) and they didn’t have any mirrors around. I was getting a little annoyed when my girlfriend suggested that I just use my phones front facing camera. Worked like a charm! 

  2. I can’t tell you how many times I have done this. 😉 Great tip! =)

  3. “Have you come up with a creative way to use the iPhone camera?”

    Could have sworn I saw a front-facing camera on my neighbor’s Nexus S…

  4. Pity our poor WinPhone brethren, though, forever doomed to have spinach stuck in their teeth!

  5. Ha! I have a friend who works for Microsoft, next time he goes on about Windows Phone I am SO bringing that up.

  6. But make sure he isn’t carrying an HTC Titan, Radar, or Samsung Focus, or else you’ll have to check your phone for some egg on your face!

  7. Greg_moynihan | December 21, 2011 at 12:56 am |

    I use the rear camera and light to trace wires and find lost toys inside a cramped media cabinet

  8. I agree – but the utility of a rear camera is not really in question.  You often hear some folks (say in response to Nokia skipping a FFC) say it is useless … which is not true.

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