The Belkin Folio Kickstand Case for Zune Review

As many of you know, I bought a Zune shortly after they became available. While it has managed to stay amazingly scratch-free due to its durable casing material, I still don’t feel comfortable letting it roll around in the bottom of my bag. Shortly after it arrived, the hunt for a good case was on!

One of the cases that caught my attention was the Belkin Folio Kickstand Case for Zune. Unlike a case that will just hold and protect the device, this one has another trick up its sleeve.

Composed of smooth-grain black leather with black stitching, the case has no external branding. It is book style, with the cover held in place by two snaps on the short folded flap.

The case measures approximately 4.6″ tall x 3″ wide x 1″ thick, which will add significant bulk to the approximately 4.4″ tall x 2.5″ wide x 0.6″ thick Zune. In trade for the added bulk, you will get a?wrapper that covers and protects every corner and side of the device.

The spine has a silver metal grommet for the included wrist strap.

The entire interior is lined in golden plush microfiber. This picture shows why so much width is added to the device. There are basically three sections, and they essentially roll the Zune up like a burrito. The reason for this will be evident later…

The window that covers the Zune’s screen features a clear plastic overlay, which will help protect it from scratches. A hole has been cutout for the directional pad, and there are printed symbols on the leather which will cover the buttons on either side of the pad. Between each side button’s layer of leather and microfiber is a nub which will make pressing the leather button cover more responsive.

Installing the Zune is done by sliding it into the holster face down. The right section is rolled back onto the middle section, and the snap is fastened.

This is the orientation the case will be used in when listening to music and accessing the Zunes controls.

The screen is perfectly framed by a stitched in gray leather border, and it is covered by a flexible sheet of clear plastic.

When the case is closed, there is easy access to the headphone jack and the hold switch…

…as well as the sync & charge cable on the bottom. As you can see, the Zune is completely protected on every corner, and a double layer of leather covers its front.

Here is where the case justifies the extra layer of leather. Unsnapping the two interior sections opens the Folio so that the Zune can be displayed in proper viewing orientation…

The triangular shape supports the Zune, allowing hands-free viewing of the 3″ screen.

The Belkin Folio Kickstand Case is a bit thick for people that like to slide their naked Zune in a butt pocket. But for those that have larger pockets and those who carry a gear bag or purse, its size shouldn’t be an issue. Having a fully protective play-through case is the biggest benefit of carrying this thicker-than-normal model, and the built-in viewing easel is a handy feature.

The Belkin Folio Kickstand Case for Zune is available directly from the manufacturer as well as from other retailers.
MSRP: $29.99
What I Like: Full body protection for the entire Zune, built in easel, easy access to all ports and buttons,screen protection
What Needs Improvement: Some people will find the case too thick


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