The BeyzaCASES Universal Leather Case Review

On the short list of accessories that Windows Mobile device owners need is a case. Cases not only protect your device but often put that device in a convenient and easy-to-access location (like your hip). In the not-to-distant past, most devices shipped with, at a minimum, a neoprene or vinyl slip case of some type. Unfortunately this has changed in recent years and now is more of an exception than a rule.

A relative newcomer to providing cases for Windows Mobile devices is BeyzaCASES. The company, based in Istanbul, Turkey, provides a wide range of leather cases designed to custom fit a variety of Windows Mobile devices. They have been making cases for other companies to rebrand and sell for years, but in 2004 began selling cases under their own marquee. A few weeks ago BeyzaCASES sent me two cases to review, both designed for my O2 XDA Zinc. While these cases are technically universal cases – they will fit a variety of similarly sized devices – I have to say I am quite impressed with the cases. Not only do they fit nicely around my device but they look stylish and elegant.

As Judie will attest, I am a huge Louis Vuitton fan (yeah, I’m a guy… got a problem with that?) so anytime I get something that comes with a dustcover my interest is already peaked! That is exactly what you get when you open up the box of your BeyzaCASES case. Inside the box is a small drawstring dustcover which contains your leather case. Open up the dustcover and you’ll find the case is a supple, smooth leather with a rich aroma.

For this review, BeyzaCASES sent me two of the universal top-load slip cases for the O2 XDA Zinc. The tan leather case is a true slip case while the black case has a built-in belt clip.

The cases look, feel and smell outstanding. It is easy to tell that these cases are made with high quality leathers and the stitching is uniform, tight and matches the color of the cases perfectly. This is true even of the black case which has the belt clip on the back. All of the stitching around it very well done.

The front and back of the case are actually all one piece folded then joined by two strips of leather on the sides to form the pocket of the case. On the side of the case there are small opening at the bottom of the case while at the top there is approximately one-half of an inch gap between the side leather and the front and back. This allows you to easily take hold of your device and pull it out of the case, especially if you are using the belt clip design.

Looking at the inside of the case, it is lined with suede with what feels like a thin layer of foam padding under it. The suede and padding are on both sides so you can slide your device into the case in either direction and know that the screen is going to be protected.

One thing to keep in mind is that the BeyzaCASES are leather cases which means that when you first get it, the fit around your Windows Mobile device is tight! In fact, when I first got the cases, I thought perhaps that I had been shipped the wrong ones. But after leaving my device in it overnight for a few nights in a row, the leather stretched enough to allow easier inserting and removal.

When it comes to the belt clip on the BeyzaCASES, it too is constructed to last. The metal clip is covered in leather and is snug at the base to prevent slippage once it is on your belt or on your pocket. The first few times you use the clip it will be a little difficult to get on but it does loosen just slightly after a few uses.

For those who carry handbags or plan on carrying their device in a larger bag, the non belt clip version of the case is an excellent choice. With both the front and back of the case being smooth, it easily fits into a handbag or laptop bag pocket without snagging.

Overall it’s hard to find anything not to like about the BeyzaCASES cases. They are well constructed, made with high quality products and offer an aesthetic and functional flare to your device. I plan on adding another review of a BeyzaCASES case in the near future – one of a truly custom fit case for the Cingular 8525.

The BeyzaCASES Universal Leather Case is available directly from the manufacturer.
MSRP: $45 – 60 depending on the device and style of case you desire; . In most designs they offer multiple colors of leathers as well as crocodile pattern leather.
What I Like:?Wide variety?of materials and colors; quality construction and materials; Great looking
What Needs Improvement: Nothing

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